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Careers with Shell

We offer scholarships to selected students pursuing university degrees or college diplomas in certain disciplines. You are welcome to apply for all of the programs for which you are eligible; however, Shell will only make one scholarship offer per eligible student.

Shell has invested millions of dollars in universities, colleges and technical schools across Canada. Our goal is to support innovative post-secondary education, strengthen programs and engage students. As future leaders of our company and our country, it is important for students to have diverse and interactive learning opportunities, helping them think beyond traditional boundaries. The Awards Office at your university or college can tell you about the scholarships available at your school.

In addition, Shell established scholarships and bursaries with Indspire (formerly National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation (NAAF)) for Aboriginal students from communities near Shell’s operations. We also support Indspire’s Oil and Gas Trades and Technology Bursary Program to provide financial assistance to Aboriginal students in Alberta who are pursuing careers in the oil & gas industry. To find out more or apply for the Indspire scholarships and bursaries visit Indspire website - opens in new window