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The Jackpine Mine Expansion is a potential future development of oil sands mining leases in northern Alberta that extend to the north of the current Jackpine Mine, operated by Shell on behalf of the Athabasca Oil Sands Project owners, Shell Canada Energy (60%), Chevron (20%) and Marathon Oil Canada (20%).

The regulatory application was submitted in 2007 and describes a potential 100,000 barrels per day oil sands mining expansion, including additional mining areas, associated processing facilities, utilities and infrastructure.

In October 2012, a public hearing held in Fort McMurray, Alberta, gave interested individuals and organizations an opportunity to ask questions about the project and to provide their views to the Joint Review Panel.

The Joint Review Panel for the Jackpine Mine Expansion Project is an independent body, mandated by the Canadian Minister of the Environment and the Chairman of the Alberta Energy Regulator (formerly Alberta Energy Resources Conservation Board) to assess the environmental effects of the proposed project and ultimately decide whether it is in the public interest.  

In July 2013, the Joint Review Panel issued its Decision Report, deeming the Jackpine Mine Expansion Project to be in the public’s interest and recommending it for approval. The Decision Report included a series of recommendations. 

Subsequently, in December 2013, the Federal Minister of Environment issued a Decision Statement, setting out the conditions with which Shell must comply during the development, operation and reclamation of Jackpine Mine Expansion. 

A final decision to proceed with the project would come in the form of a Final Investment Decision by the Athabasca Oil Sands Project joint venture owners, Shell (60%), Chevron (20%) and Marathon (20%).


Why is the application important? 

Oil Sands have a potentially significant role to play in the energy mix in a world where in the first half of this century, global energy demand could double – driven largely by the world’s emerging economies as a result of population growth and improved standards of living.  Canada is one of a few countries in the world with the potential for oil production to increase over the next 20 years. These resources are going to be needed.  They are also driving employment, training and business development across Canada and beyond.

It is important to work through the regulatory process on future growth options to provide the most operational flexibility.  In particular, regulatory approval for the Jackpine Mine Expansion will permit access to leases 88 and 89, adjacent to our current Muskeg River and Jackpine mining operations, and allow for the most robust long term planning from both an environmental and economic standpoint.


How are we meeting the challenges associated with oil sands development? 

Shell believes the long-term success of oil sands in the energy mix depends on our ability to compete economically and also to advance improvements in our environmental performance.  We are advancing environmental strategies for greenhouse gas (GHG), water and land management that identify short, medium and long term actions to continue to improve our performance. 

We are proceeding with the Quest carbon capture and storage project, a world first application of CCS technology to an oil sands development and now one of a handful of world scale CCS projects in development or operation globally.  Beginning in 2015, Quest will see some 35% of the CO2 emissions from the Scotford Upgrader captured and safely stored over 2 km deep underground at a rate of over 1 million tonnes per year.

We work with our Aboriginal neighbours to understand and seek to address their concerns and interest in our development activities, meeting many hundreds of times over the past decade and investing more than $1.7 billion with Indigenous-owned businesses and contractors since 2005 – an important demonstration of the efforts we have made to see benefits flow to communities in the form of education, training and employment.

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