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Shell’s Business Principles have included our commitment to contribute to sustainable development since 1997. Sustainable development for Shell is about delivering energy in a responsible way. That means operating safely, minimising our impact on the environment and building trust with the communities who are our neighbours. If we fall short of the standards society expects of us, we learn from our experiences to improve the way we operate.

Our contribution to sustainable development comes from the choices we make about which projects to invest in, from reducing the impact of our operations and from achieving the greatest benefits for local communities.

We develop products and services to help meet the need for clean, convenient and affordable energy – for example, by producing more cleaner-burning natural gas, and by producing low-carbon biofuel while helping to develop advanced biofuels for the future.

At our most complex projects, we employ specialists in environmental and social performance who work closely with business managers.

To manage the impact of our operations and projects on the environment and society we have a comprehensive set of standards and requirements covering health, safety, security, environment (HSSE) and social performance (SP).

The Shell General Business Principles provide high level guidance and our Commitment and Policy on HSSE & SP reflects our aims on how we operate and involve communities close to our operations. All companies, contractors and joint ventures under Shell operational control must manage HSSE and SP in line with the Commitment and Policy, and apply our mandatory standards and requirements.

We consider environmental and social factors in our investment decisions and when planning major new projects including, for example, the expected future costs of emitting CO2.

Before starting any substantial work on major projects or existing facilities we perform an environmental, health and social impact assessment and we carry out subsequent reviews.

We have a Corporate and Social Responsibility Committee, made up of four Non-executive Directors, to assess our policies and performance. The Chief Executive Officer of Royal Dutch Shell plc and Executive Committee are accountable for sustainable development. The CEO chairs our HSSE and Social Performance Executive, which reviews how we manage our sustainability performance.


Buffalo Hills Conservation Ranch

Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC), along with Shell Canada, have launched the Shell Buffalo Hills Conservation Ranch, providing 6,000 acres for the breeding, migration or wintering of 159 bird species that use both native prairie and the boreal forest of Alberta.

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Sustainable Development

Shell has a set of operating principles that we believe provide a framework for protecting water, air, wildlife and the communities in which we operate.