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You can still explore all the Energy 4 Seven Billion entries to see what other Canadians would like to experience, and how energy would play a role in making it happen, but you will no longer be able to “Like” or “Share” your favourite entries.

Please note that entries are included here exactly as they were submitted online and are in no particular order.

Top 10 Finalists - Shell Employee Category

Imagine living through a Canadian winter in a home with no central heating. What would you do all day? How would you stay warm? Would you have any energy to exercise? This is the reality of life in Zanskar, an isolated Himalayan community, where I'd like to have my dream energy experience.

I first visited Zanskar in 1993 as an aspirant geologist, trekking across the mountains collecting rocks for my studies. I returned in winter, on a ski tour, eager to learn how the Zanskari could survive in such a harsh climate.

I encountered deep snow on my journey and witnessed the Zanskari wade through thigh deep snow for hours at a time, just to reach the next village! I was amazed that the Zanskari hadn't adapted the use of skis themselves, as the efficiency of movement on back-country skis allows one to glide. However, with Zanskar being at 4000m above sea level, trees don't grow very tall due to the thin air, and what wood there is, is stored for use in cremations or emergency fuel.

I soon realized that the Zanskari were very skilled energy conservationists and I wanted to help them travel more effectively too. So, I collected together some skis and with the help of my good friends Amin and Dorjay, we started a ski school. The ski school has been running since 1998 and its objective is to raise the standard of living of Zanskari, by providing means for communication, rescue, sport and enhancing health and fitness. We have a ski store, several hundred pairs of skis and every year Zanskari children and adults learn to ski.

For my dream energy experience I would take unpaid leave from work and use the funds to transport more ski equipment and build a second ski hut, enabling more of the community to have a chance to ski. My goal is to enable the Zanskari enjoy winter sports as we do in Canada.

They say necessity is the mother of invention and the Zansakri are truly inventive. Being farmers, cow dung is in ample supply. So the Zanskari collect it every Fall, dry it on the rooves of their houses and use the dried patties in their stoves. It produces a fierce heat and keeps the family warm during the coldest winter storms. Houses are built from mud bricks, which have excellent insulation properties.

A room in the house is left unheated on purpose, so it becomes one big refrigerator. Most houses have a solar panel on the roof, to power lights for reading. As for central heating, the Zanskari have even found a solution for that. Yaks, horses and goats are packed together in the ground floor and the rising heat warms the main living area above!

The contrast to how we use energy in Canada is amazing. Energy supply is a huge challenge for the world in the future, but energy efficiency is the opportunity of today. And we can learn a lot from Zanskar.

My dream experience is to help change the world, and the future of the world is in the hands of our children. I would donate to a local school in the form Technology Kits; Littlebits and Lego EV3 education packages so that students can learn about technology from an early age, with education packages tailor made for young learners. Engineers, and Scientists, are the future, and helping to open doors for children to realize their potential is how I would like to share this prize.

On November 8 , 1983 , a Baby Girl was born , Her and her Parents ,{ Great Friends and Neighbors of mine for Years } never suspecting a Life filled with Pills , Medication , and long Hospital admissions.

Cystic Fibrosis was the Diagnosis ,and Mandy Cahill would never know a day without planning around a Medication schedule or Gasping for Breath , something most of us never give a second thought to and take for granted.

The one word that I most hear to describe her is 'Tough', never complaining , and always with a Smile on her Face. She accepted the Disease and made the most out of the Good Times , Graduating School , and Getting Married to Derick Rayner . But , all the time , the Disease was wearing her down , until the only Option left was a Double Lung Transplant.

"While waiting in a Hospital , getting weaker , Mandy and Derick , were over a Thousand Miles from Home and Family , when someone elses Selfless Act gave her a Second chance at Life on May 30 , 2014 at Toronto General Hospital , with that Double Lung Transplant.

She has had her low times since then ,and she is toughing it out , but I think She would be a Great Candidate for Shell’s Experiance of a Lifetime."

There are a couple of places in the World I have Dreampt of going , but nothing could compare to the enjoyment of seeing Mandy presented with a Cheque for $25,000 so that Maybe it could make one of her Dreams come true.

"Since a lot of her Travel has consisted of Trips to a Hospital , be it in A Car, Ambulance or Plane , and none just for the sake of Traveling , maybe it would include anywhere Mandy and Derick wanted to Fly in the World. Whatever her Dream is , Shell can make that Dream a Reality.

As an Employee for Shell Canada , Energy is our Daily Life.

For over 7 years, I have been a volunteer with Kerby Centre aiding to make the lives of Calgary’s Seniors that much easier. Over the years I have worked with Kerby’s Grocery Delivery Program delivering orders to local Seniors in our community and presents at Christmas time.

Not only does this use fuel, but the energy the over 400 volunteers and 50 paid staff expel is unmeasurable. Kerby Centre was established in 1973 as an organization FOR Seniors, run BY Seniors. $25,000 for a non-profit organization could mean new programs, upgrades, and most importantly more smiles and independent living for years to come. A vote for me is a chance to help olders persons in Calgary continue to live well and be well.

My best friend from university had a dream of outfitting his home in Regina, Saskatchewan with supplemental energy from geothermal or solar power - improving the efficiency of the home and possibly even producing enough to put energy back into the grid. It sounded like a fantastic idea and his enthusiasm was infectious. 

He now has a family; the time and funding to install an alternate energy source wasn’t possible though they have set up with a high efficiency furnace and air conditioner - we can help them to do more! My part in this dream experience would be to travel back to the province where I grew up and help these fantastic friends with setting up their house with one of these technologies.

I would love to be there to help with the journey - assist with funds and installation, learn about the technologies and at the same time enjoy their company and see my parents and youngest sister who are also in Saskatchewan. In May of this year I began a role with Shell International Exploration and Production in The Netherlands and opportunities to go back to visit Canada, friends and family are always welcome.

My youngest sister and her family also live in Regina so if it is possible to setup two homes using the E47B prize that would be even better - if not, it is still nice to have time to see them!

Most of us in the western world have been able to experience the thrill of taking a vacation – the excitement, the anticipation, a chance to discover a new place and experience new things. My Dream Energy Experience would be able to give this same thrill to a few of my family members living in Indonesia. While most of us have already had the excitement of our first flight (many of us were too young to remember!), my aunt and cousin and her son have never been able to do this.

They live in Solo, on the island of Java in Indonesia, and they have never had the means to travel. My aunt has a daughter who has cerebral palsy – for this reason she rarely gets out of the house because she is her primary caregiver. To be able to provide a full time caregiver to her daughter while she is away would be a huge relief to her, allowing her to truly enjoy her time away for the very first time.

My cousin’s son is 8 years old and I would love to give him the experience of going to Disneyland for the first time. It would be an amazing experience to be able to bring them here – a chance for them to see what Canada has to offer, our amazing landscapes, majestic mountains and rolling foothills. Growing up in Canada has given me so much opportunity; I would love to see their faces when they experience this amazing country for the first time.

I want to treat them to the vacation of their dreams – fly them here on their very first airplane ride – complete with purchasing carbon offsets to reduce the emissions of their flight! Show them our glorious city of Calgary and it’s vibrant, eclectic community. Then I would take them to Banff, Kananaskis and Lake Louise to show them Alberta’s amazing rocky mountains, and on to Drumheller to a vastly different landscape with the hoodoos and the Tyrell Museum (what little boy wouldn’t love to see that?!).

I’d take them to Disneyland to experience every child’s dream. The biggest part of this dream would be reuniting my aunt and cousin with my dad – he moved to Canada in 1981, and has seen his family only 4 times since then. The last time my dad saw his great nephew, he was only a few months old.

It has been 8 long years since then, and I know that my dad would be overwhelmed with joy to see them again, to show them his life here. My Dream Energy Experience would be to experience the greatest gift anyone could ever give – the gift of family.

I have the best parents. They have worked very hard their entire lives, always putting themselves and their needs last, creating a life on their own without any help from anyone and never giving up on creating a good life for themselves and their children. My parents have been together nearly 40 years and have never been on their honeymoon or been on a trip outside of Canada!

My mom has dedicated a good part of her life navigating her way through our family history; she has a pedigree chart that could double as a table cloth! She persevered over a span of 10 years searching for birth, marriage and death certificates for our family (my dad's side) to prove our Aboriginal heritage so that we could be recognized as Status Aboriginals.

This was not an easy task as every document that was sent was met with a request for additional information/certificates for 10 years! We now have our status! My mom has never been afraid of a challenge; she even went back to school at the age of 54 for a refresher course in nursing. My mom is now researching her own family history with only a couple of names to start with and with data protection and privacy laws heightened to a level we did not have previously, I can imagine it will be much more difficult.

My dad has overcome great obstacles with his health and still works hard at a physically demanding job despite his ailments. My dad loves the outdoors, we have many amazing memories camping throughout our lives or going for family picnics, he is happiest in the backyard enjoying the birds or simply sitting in the sun.

I would absolutely love the opportunity to send my parents to England so that they could not only experience the history and culture of my Mom's family but to give her the opportunity to meet family members she would never have the chance to meet otherwise. I would then send them to Manu National Park in Peru which boasts one of the #1 spots for national bird watching with over 15,000 square kilometers of pristine tropical rainforests that has over 1,000 species of birds.

As well, to take the world renowned hike to Machu Picchu through the Lares Trail and see the ancient ruins. I would also love for my dad to experience other Native Cultures and customs such as my husband's Kadazan culture in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. All the above excursions require the use of energy to make these dreams possible.  The lodges on the Lares trail are designed to blend into the existing landscape, reducing their visual impact to a minimum, and the use of local materials that reflect the region’s traditional construction.

The lodges are also energy efficient, with high-performance solar and space water heaters. Please vote for me and help me make this once in a lifetime experience a reality for my truly deserving parents! Thanks for reading my story!

When I moved to Fort McMurray in 2011 to work with Shell, I didn't realize how much it had to offer. Growing up in N.S. I have always been around the water. I spent many summers at the beach, jumping off the bridge, and taking swimming lessons. I bought a little wooden rowboat at the age of 10, and even took sailing lessons!  I spent the first weekend of every August at the Mahone Bay wooden boat festival aboard a sailboat, and had the chance to sail and steer the Bluenose II!

I miss being around the water, so, it's no surprise, that when it comes time for vacation, I always look forward to heading east while the weather is warm, to spend the summer around the ocean.  Sailing is the best medicine anyone could ask for.  Harnessing the natural energy from the wind in the sails and the current in the water, while still being able to fuel up the motor and head out on the ocean. But it comes with a price. Twenty Five thousand dollars would be a great down payment on a 40 foot Sloop.

Something small enough for 2 people to operate, but big enough to live aboard, relax, and enjoy days off!  Sailing also offers Vitamin D which is imperative to our health, Fresh air which is great for our lungs, and uses little to no fuel. It is very energy friendly and is a great pastime.   Life doesn’t have to be about speed, work, and money... We all need some down time, and my dream is to re-energize while relaxing on my own boat!

My dream energy experience would be to take my family on a European River Cruise. Relaxing on the boat. Talking a bike ride through a town. Hiking through cobblestone streets. Trekking up a hillside to a old castle. Snapping pictures on your camera. They all take some form of energy to do. I have four daughters and one of them has Cystic Fibrosis.

She has led a pretty much normal life by adapting her medical condition to continue doing things like everyone else. Both the digestive system and lungs are affected by CF. Absorption of food for your body's energy supply is affected due to the pancreas not releasing enough enzymes to process the food properly. The secretions in the lungs are heavy and don't wash things out properly causing higher risks for infection. The lungs oxygenate the bloodstream giving out bodies energy to do our day-to-day activities.

So breathing efficiently is an essential part of this cycle. Just before she was graduating high school her CF condition worsened to the point of needing a double lung transplant. Her lung functions had declined to 20% capacity and only 15% "efficiency" breathing. Luckily, the wait for a set of lungs was short and the transplant occurred within months. She began to build her strength up and finally hit the goal of weighing 100#.

She was able to restart her schooling path. A couple years into this and she contracted a bug that caused her to start having a rare bronchial rejection. Her capacity remained high (80%) but her "efficiency is now 30%. So the cycle of waiting for another set of lungs to transplant has begun. I always knew she required more food than others in order to keep up the energy required for her condition, but it never really sunk in until one day when walking with her to an appointment she practically collapsed from exhaustion.

Tests had showed that her body required 3600 calories a day just to breathe - pretty much twice the norm for a person her age. Like I stated earlier maintaining her weight is an issue - you can only eat so much and you are full, but her body required more than she could take in. Some supplements wouldn't work due to the digestive issue in CF people. A vicious circle. I needed to find a way to de-stress over the events in my life so I took up raising butterflies several years ago.

To see them develop from an egg into the larvae stage, consuming host plant leaves prior to go into chrysalis is amazing. Then to see the metamorphosis into such beautiful thing which is a key pollinator in our food chain. My point is to make people aware that even the most simplest things take energy to exist. A deep breathe to breathe, food to eat and gain strength to just do our day-to-day activities. To conserve and consume - a fine balance to breathe easy!

Antarctica is the one and only continent on this planet void of a native human population! Even the great sea explorer, James Cook, never laid eyes on this wondrous place. Feats of far-reaching travel to seemingly unreachable corners of the planet are made possible because of innovation in aviation and energy; today we can go where others could not go before. It is a life-long goal of mine to experience the majesty of Antarctica. To do what James Cook could not in his boat, would be spectacular!

Top 10 Finalists - Shell Public Category

Remember when your energy footprint was virtually zero. You didn't drive a car and energy expired when you fell asleep after a busy day of play. I was raised by a single mother, sixth of seven children and energy conservation was more to do with minimizing costs than concern with our green planet. Fast forward 60 years and those seven children have spread out and created new lifes across the world, two in Canada, two in Australia, one in Scotland, one in Wales and one in Switzerland.

The lessons in thrift and prudent consumption, she instilled in us, have stayed with me all my life. "Switch off the light when you leave the room", " Don't put more water than you need, in the kettle". My mother passed away in 1982 and it is my dream to bring us all together for a celebration of her life and remember the many happy times we had together.

The first $25k I would donate, if there was an extra $25k, I would actually use that money and buy 10 plane tickets and take the kids to fly around Asia for them to learn about their heritage and see how energy companies are shaping the future. It would be a tour that I would take them on, guide them and build on their desire to learn more.

I just feel that kids are lost in their ways sometimes and they don't know what they want in life and maybe some kids have it too good that they assume things will remain. Regardless, if I can change one kid's future, that would be so awesome!!!

I don't want to come across as a victim because I don't see my life as one. We all have struggles in life which is relevant to the observer and the self. I believe we create our own reality to a degree. However some have had better opportunities than others, some utilizing those, some not. As for myself I hand't had much guidance through my life and missed out on the ability to see the important things early in life.

Almost 35 years old, and significantly lacking in education I am limited in what life has/had to offer in relation to a carrier. I've been a bicycle mechanic practically my entire life. Don't get me wrong I love it more then anything (who wouldn't want to work in a toy store) but with that choice in life I've been financially restricted due to my wages. I met my fiancee in 2008 and spent 6 months with her until I had to return to Canada.

We probably have the longest long distant relationship in the history of humanity. My second visit I missed our newborn sons birth by two weeks :( . However I stayed home every single day with him for the next six months raising him. I went back to work again after my visa had expired to help with bills and taking care of my new family. Later on in the season I was laid off which was demoralizing. I couldn't afford to see my fiancee and son for another year.

We talked it over and decided that I should try to start a home based business with a bike shop. It has been one of the best decisions I made in my life. Which allowed me to work for 6 months of the year, be my own boss and take care of my family better then what I had been able to in the past (not my reached goal but headed towards it.)  On Oct 23, 2014 we had our second child. I arrived a month before her birth, I couldn't miss something like that again!

Took care of her every day for the next 4 months and returned to Canada in to work in the shop. Its heart wrenching leaving them, every time becomes harder. This year had not been a good year for me in the shop. So for security I am considering working at another shop after I return from seeing my family again. I'm only able to see my kids and fiance for 2 months this year we will be getting married and apply for them to move to Canada.

I will use these funds to bring my family home with me and start living as a family together. Its been long overdue. I love you guys and can't wait to be with you again!

Every island is simply a dot in the water....until it makes a SPLASH! The name comes from taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture of what islands really are - they're dots of land scattered throughout water on the globe. It is also the name of my brand new start up business of web design, marketing and social media management for travel and tourism products and services throughout the Caribbean.

Since I've experienced the Caribbean in depth (and fallen in love with it all) I have also come to know that there are many hidden gems and undiscovered places that just need a boost in the competitive online marketing world. THAT is my business and I need a little financial boost to get started! Travel opens minds, opens hearts, brings joy and changes lives. It changed my life and my entire career!

I want to do my part in exposing others to the joys that exist in the most beautiful place on earth - the Caribbean. If I must mention something about responsible use of energy in my entry, there is no smarter use of it in the marketing world than ONLINE energy. There's no waste and it reaches the world without a negative impact left behind.

For 5 years I have blogged about an island in the Caribbean to a point where I can hardly blog anymore because I've almost run out of experiences to write about! Within those 5 years I've won a couple of awards for my written content and have endlessly been taking notes on episodes I would produce if I could (financially) bring my blog to life and turn it into a travel documentary mini-series.

Production of such a project would be fun, educational, enlightening and AMAZING! It would promote a more local and versatile style of travel. And above all it would be fulfilling a long-time dream of mine!

My "Dream Energy Experience", would be broken into two parts. This would include; #1 Energy Necessity #2 Energetic Fun. Let me explain... Everybody needs to heat their home. Especially, during the cold winters on the east coast! We currently rely on oil, to keep our family warm during the winter months.

We are part of the seven billion that Shell Canada provides energy for. Oil is also our source of hot water. We are in the process of installing an outdoor wood furnace, oil being the secondary source for our heat. We are an average family, who work hard for what we own. A portion of this prize could help us a long way, to install our energy efficient heating source. So this is #1 of my dream, an "Energy Necessity".

Everybody has their needs, but how about a want, a dream? My "Energetic Fun", idea would be to hop aboard a plane and take our two boys on their first family vacation. My first thought would be Disney World. How much more energy can you get, than the Magical Kingdom? What a dream come true this would be!

Since I was a child, all I ever wanted in life was to live on a farm. I had almost given up at the age of 48 but when people would tell me"never give up on your dreams". Today after so much hard work now I have a piece of land but no farm yet. Next spring we hope to start building.

Throughout our life we have never had any help, we have always been stuck getting things done by ourselves, which has been very hard at times, but we have always stuck together very happily and plucked away to reach our goals and dreams. For me the little girl inside me is just simply smiles ear to ear knowing that my farm is at reach. I would also like to have horses and a few pigs but I think I will leave have to leave that for a few more years.

We have always been people who love efficiency in more ways than one. We are always trying to find a way to save on water and energy consumption indoors and outdoors. On our farm I would like to have many rain barrels installed for the gardens and animals. I would also like to see us having the ability to have install other powered by the sun products.

Winning this contest for us would not just be winning a contest it would be winning a dream. A dream to make a reality things that so many people either take for granted or just not available to them.

I'm a brick mason by trade Monday to Friday, a full time husband and father seven days a week. We have two active toddlers and a baby on the way. My life is filled daily with energy in many different ways. I'm passionate about my job and family. I've been a bricklayer for nine years.

I've spent countless amounts of energy daily, including physical & mental energy. Over the years I've commuted thousands of hours and miles to my job. Driving to the city, and travelling across the country by plane. I'm committed and determined to support and provide for my family. At the end of the day, the energy I've conserved, is given 100% to my wife and two boys. After a long day at work I try hard to find time for chores, a bedtime story & a kiss goodnight.

My family are extremely important to me. I won't deny, by the end of the day I'm exhausted! My "Dream Energy Experience" would be to start my own bricklaying company. A kick start and solution to balance my energy between my career and family. This would open many opportunities. To start, I would spend less energy and time commuting daily to the job. Less travel would result in focusing more energy on the job itself. I could share my creativity locally.

The reality is resources such as wood are slowly decreasing. I'd show my clients the beauty and benefits of brick and stone. From walkways, chimneys, fireplaces and homes. Brick is a "green material" that is recyclable, reusable and energy efficient. Being my own boss would allow more freedom. I could make my own hours and my wife could work less. Most importantly, owning a business would allow more time with my family. The result: storing more energy at the end of the day for them.

To play, to laugh and spend quality time.To enjoy the little things in life, that we sometimes take for granted. The photo I've provided is a fireplace designed and built with my energy. A picture is mounted of my boys and I. I want to teach my sons the ins and outs of the trade, in hopes that someday they could share this energy with others as well. The ending of my dream, would be to take a much needed vacation. A whole week, worry free. Time to spend with my family and travel.

Seven full days of energy... Just for them! For all of these reasons and more, Shell Canada could make my dream energy experience possible and help distribute my energy. "Owning A Business, Balancing Energy."

My dream experience is to have a self-sustaining, 100% energy-efficient home. These days it seems as though it’s easier for us to blame others for the ‘problems’ in our lives. In my opinion, personal responsibility is a rare commodity. It’s easy to consider the global energy crisis as strictly a global concern; however, I feel it’s important to take ownership of my personal responsibility to be a part of the solution rather than contributing to the problem.

I spend time and resources volunteering in my local communities, through which I’ve met many other people who also donate their time, resources, knowledge and/or expertise to make a positive impact in the communities they spend time in and call home. These fine folks come from all walks of life and their contributions could be measured on a very broad spectrum from donating $1 cash to spending hundreds of hours annually volunteering, and everything in-between.

Likewise, people’s contribution towards a sustainable solution to the global energy crisis can vary from simply refraining from turning on a lamp to taking progressive action towards reducing their carbon-footprint and energy consumption to almost, or ideally, nothing. Accordingly, my dream experience is to maintain the conveniences of modern-life but only through sustainable, renewable means. The proceeds of this ‘contest’ would be a springboard towards realizing this by providing me with the capital to make additional investment into my home to achieve this goal.

If I had $25000, it would be a very simple. I would donate the money to the BOYS and Girls Club here in town. I have been very fortunate in my life and thankful for everyone that has helped me. As a new immigrant to Canada, I know what it is like to be without friends, families or money.

There are many kids out there without a direction, and it is absolutely important for them to have the education needed for them to make it in life. As we live in Western Canada, where energy plays a big role in our economy, how awesome would it be that I can donate this money to them for their summer camps, where they can learn about energy, hopefully this will inspire them to get into the field and find a job that they can call a career. That is what I would do if I won the money.

* Based on 2013 total bbls of production from Shell wholly-owned and joint venture oil operations in Canada, as % of 2013 world petroleum consumption published by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.