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Shell V-Power Diesel, with its unique formulation, is designed to remove and prevent such deposits - enabling diesel engines to continuously deliver an improved driving experience.

At a glance

Shell V-Power Diesel is our best-ever diesel fuel, specially created for today's diesel engine technology.

Shell V-Power Diesel is developed by Shell's international scientists to work in all diesel-powered engines, and contains a unique additive technology that helps provide optimal year-round engine protection and performance for Canada's unique weather conditions.

What's in it

Shell V Power Diesel is designed to help clean your fuel injectors for optimal performance.  It is specially formulated for year-round Canadian weather conditions, with a cetane improver, a de-icer and a corrosion inhibitor. 
How it works

Cleaning Power - As you drive, deposits can build up on fuel injectors.  These deposits can compromise the functioning of your engine, such as impaired fuel spray and reduced fuel flow.  The result - poor engine combustion.

Shell V-Power Diesel helps clean those performance-robbing deposits, resulting in better engine protection and improved combustion.  And with continued use, you'll help maintain the efficiency of your vehicle's engine.

Cetane improver - A cetane improver helps offer quicker ignition and better cold-weather starting.

De-icer - A de-icer additive helps prevent the formation of ice in your fuel tank and fuel lines for better cold-weather starting.

Corrosion inhibitor - A corrosion inhibitor helps protect steel and steel alloy parts in your fuel system. 
Is it for me?

Shell V-Power Diesel is the right fuel for drivers who care about their engine and expect the best performance and quality from a diesel fuel.

Shell V-Power Diesel has been designed by Shell’s international team of fuels scientists and is our best-ever diesel fuel.

Shell V-Power Diesel is designed to give more cleaning power and can be used with confidence in all diesel engines.

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