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Learn more about AIR MILES Cash

ACTIVATE: Your AIR MILES® Cash balance by visiting www.airmiles.ca/cash - opens in new window

EARN: reward miles and build your AIR MILES Cash balance

REDEEM: 95 reward miles for $10 of FREE* fuel and more when you pay in-store at Shell

Don’t miss out! Start earning in your AIR MILES Cash balance today!

Collectors who have been using reward miles to redeem for fuel and car wash certificates will no longer need to wait by the mailbox or keep track of paper certificates. AIR MILES Cash is quick and easy!

Every 95 reward miles = $10 off instantly, when you pay in-store at Shell.

You can redeem for Free Fuel, Car Wash and in-store purchases (tobacco products are excluded).

Activate your AIR MILES Cash balance at www.airmiles.ca/cash - opens in new window

Learn how to redeem air miles from your airmiles cash account


Q – What is AIR MILES Cash ?

A – AIR MILES Cash is a program the will enable you to redeem AIR MILES reward miles from your Cash balance when you pay in-store.  Your purchase price will be reduced by $10 for every 95 reward miles you redeem.

Q – How do I redeem AIR MILES reward miles from my AIR MILES Cash balance

A - First you must activate your AIR MILES Cash balance by setting your preference. Your preference will determine how the reward miles you earn will be allocated between your AIR MILES Cash and Dream balances. When you have accumulated enough reward miles in your AIR MILES Cash balance, simply show your AIR MILES Collector Card when paying for your purchases and tell the cashier that you’d like to redeem reward miles from your AIR MILES Cash balance.

Q- What's the minimum and maximum I can redeem instantly?

A - You will only be able to redeem AIR MILES instantly towards purchases that are a minimum of $10 including taxes. You can redeem in $10 increments up to $750 per day, including taxes.

Q -If my purchase is less than $10, can I still redeem instantly?

A - No. The minimum amount you will be able to redeem AIR MILES reward miles for is $10 including tax, so if you spend less than $10 including tax you will not be able to redeem instantly towards that specific transaction.

Q -Will I get cash back?

A - No. AIR MILES Cash allows you to redeem instantly in $10 increments off your purchase only.

Q - Will I earn reward miles on my purchases when I redeem instantly at the cash register?

A -Yes, you will earn AIR MILES reward miles on all qualifying purchases at Sponsors even when you redeem AIR MILES reward miles in your AIR MILES Cash balance to pay for part or all of your transaction.

Q – Where can I find more information on AIR MILES Cash?

A – Please go to  https://www.airmiles.ca/arrow/FAQ for more information

Shell Fuel and CarWash certificates are no longer available for redemption as Dream rewards.

Certificates that have already been redeemed will remain valid at all participating locations.

*You must first activate your Collector Account by setting your balance preference to allocate some or all of the reward miles you earned after activation to your Cash balance. You must have accumulated sufficient reward miles in the Cash balance of your Collector Account in order to redeem reward miles towards your purchases at participating Sponsor locations.

Redeem AIR MILES reward miles in the Cash balance of your AIR MILES Collector Account in increments of 95 reward miles for $10 off your purchases at participating AIR MILES Sponsor locations to a maximum of $200 per day. Visit airmiles.ca/cash to learn more.  All Rewards offered are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the AIR MILES Reward Program, are subject to change and may be withdrawn without notice.

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