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Shell Lubricants products and services are designed to meet the challenges for your fleet, mining, construction, power, or manufacturing operations.

Improving your efficiency and profitability


Shell offers an exceptional choice of oils and greases. From the latest-technology synthetic products to proven conventional lubricants, each of our product families is designed to help make it easy for you to select the best oils and greases for your needs.

Services for your industry

We have a whole suite of lubricant-related services to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to choose, along with the maintenance solutions to compliment your business.


Whatever your industry and however specialised your equipment, Shell’s products and services are designed to add value to your operation. Discover how using the right lubricant can bring you substantial savings by helping to maximise equipment efficiency, prolong vehicle life and reduce downtime.

Lubricants case studies

From Asian car companies and Peruvian goldmines to Egyptian steel manufacturers and German bus fleets, Shell lubricants are saving hundreds of companies thousands of dollars. Read some of the success stories and find out how we can help you.

Technology leadership

As the world’s leading lubricants supplier, Shell can help you maximise profitability through a threefold approach: INNOVATION – investing in world-class R&D facilities; PARTNERSHIPS – we learn through collaborating in tough technical challenges and APPLICATION – providing you with winning solutions.

Shell LubeMatch, choose the right oil for you

Investing in the best lubricant for your vehicles or equipment can significantly improve your efficiency and profitability. LubeMatch is a free online tool that helps you find the right lubricant in seconds.

Lubricant data centre

The Shell Lubricants Data Centre is a new digital hub that houses all of the technical and safety information relating to our products. It’s an initiative designed to help you find out whatever you may need, about any of our products, quickly, easily and efficiently.

Contact us

Get an overview of our whole range of lubricant products and distributors, and find out how they could help your business to maximise performance.

At Shell we work closely with our customers to assess the benefits of our oils and greases in their operations. To find out how Shell lubricants and services are adding value in your sector, see these case studies taken from various industries.

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Our full product line is available through our large network of authorized Shell Distributors who will aim to ensure you have the products you want when you need them.

For more information, contact Customer Service:

Tel : +1 800 661 1771

Fax: +1 855 707 7613


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