Pumpjacks operate at the Peace River Complex.

Shell produces bitumen from its in situ heavy oil leases located in the Peace River oil sands. In the Peace River area we produce bitumen from the Peace River Complex using thermal recovery methods and from the Cliffdale Battery using cold production techniques.


a gage, valves and other equipment with pump jacks in the background.

Cold Production:

Cold production can be used on areas of the reservoir where the bitumen is mobile enough to be pumped to the surface unaided by steam. The cold production concept uses long horizontal wells to pump the product to the surface without the aid of heat.

Thermal Recovery:

In thermal or enhanced oil recovery, steam-generated heat and pressure warms the bitumen to allow it to be pumped to surface.


snow-covered landscape in the Peace River area.

Shell has more than 30 years of experience in operating in situ operations and our current operations have a number of measures in place to protect the environment. We are seeking to continously improve the environmental performance of our in situ operations.


While the most significant opportunities we bring to the communities in which we operate are directly related to our operations, Shell also contributes to the general well being of the communities around our in situ operations.

Since 2006, Shell has invested over $3 million in the Peace River and surrounding communities in areas such as education, health and social services. Shell employees have volunteered approximately 6,300 hours with more than 35 local organizations, including schools and sports teams.

For more information on Shell’s social investment initiatives, visit www.shell.ca/community.

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