Peace River Complex

The Peace River Complex is located about 40 kilometres northeast of Peace River, Alberta and produces bitumen through thermal recovery methods.

Employees: The Peace River Complex employs about 100 people.

Capacity: The plant is currently licensed to produce 12,500 barrels of bitumen per day annual average.


Bitumen is a form of crude oil so heavy it has to be heated, diluted or processed with lighter hydrocarbons in order to flow through pipelines

The bitumen is blended with locally supplied condensates for pipeline injection. The bitumen blend stream is marketed to refiners with heavy oil refining capabilities and is a preferred feedstock for producing asphalt.


The oil sands beneath our Peace River leases contain several billion barrels of bitumen in place. We currently use both cold and thermal recovery techniques to extract bitumen from these leases.
Shell began producing bitumen from its Peace River oil sands leases in 1979 with the Peace River In Situ Pilot project (PRISP). The Peace River Complex, which began operations in 1986, produces bitumen using thermal recovery methods. In thermal or enhanced oil recovery, steam-generated heat and pressure warm the bitumen to allow it to be pumped to surface.

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Cliffdale Battery

Shell produces bitumen from its Peace River oil sands leases using both cold and thermal production techniques. The recovery method used depends on how mobile the bitumen. Cold or primary recovery methods can be used in areas of the reservoir where the bitumen is less viscous or thick and doesn’t require heating by steam to make it fluid enough to be pumped to the surface. 

The Cliffdale Battery is a bitumen production facility located southeast of Shell’s thermal Peace River Complex. This cold production facility started up in 2007. It employs about 20 workers and has capacity to produce about 27,000 barrels per day of bitumen.  The facility is operated and owned 100 per cent by Shell.

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