Shell Rotella® has been a market leader in HDEO for over 30 years. As we strive to maintain your continued support, we continue to work hard to improve our portfolio of products.

Our new portfolio is built upon the Energized Protection platform using adaptive technology, designed to separate and reform to protect the engine against three leading causes of poor engine performance: Acids, Deposits and Wear. Because our formula adapts to these stresses, it is able to maintain the proper viscosity to provide superior protection against oil breakdown, engine wear and deposit formation

Beginning in October 2009, our market leading Shell Rotella® T Triple Protection® will be joined by a newly formulated Shell Rotella® T5 Synthetic Blend product boasting a significant claim of 1.6% savings in fuel economy. Topping off our portfolio will be Shell Rotella® T6 Full Synthetic also boasting fuel economy savings reaching 1.5%, excellent shear stability and the extreme temperature performance you expect from the Shell Rotella® brand.

Shell Rotella T. Designed to meet challenges.™

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