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A Card To Fuel Your Business

Driven by the ever-increasing preference to pay without cash, fuel cards remain one of the simplest and most secure ways for businesses to manage fuel expenses. In Canada, Shell offers two fleet cards – the Shell Fleet NavigatorTM and Shell Fleet CardTM. The Shell Fleet CardTM provides an easy and reliable way to manage fuel payments and can be used at more than 1,200 Shell and Shell Flying J stations across Canada. The Shell Fleet NavigatorTM card can also be used at these stations, as well as an expanded network with universal access to all retail gas stations and maintenance locations where MasterCard® is accepted – Shell or otherwise.

Both cards feed data into Shell’s eTRACTM online management program, which provides managers 24/7 access to information about their fleet. Managers have the ability to set card spending limits and personnel access restrictions to keep track of driver activity.

“While some retailers see a fuel card, we see the chance to provide customers with a fuel card solution that delivers insight into your drivers’ buying activities and operations,” says Josh Ferguson, National Sales Manager, Commercial Fleet, Shell Canada.

Fleet Operations Insight and Reporting

When it comes to managing your fleet, data and technology remain the lifeblood of informing how your fleet is performing. Through eTRACTM, managers can utilize the robust reporting functions and view ready-made or custom reports to get a clear picture of their fleet operations.

The quality of the information businesses can obtain through the online management tool helps identify new efficiencies and fuel-saving opportunities which is often not the case for customers using a corporate credit card.

“Having a streamlined program to manage and monitor your fleet is vital to a fleet manager, as it reduces reporting time and more adequately tracks mileage and fuel costs,” Ferguson adds.

In addition to fleet insights, Shell Fleet NavigatorTM cardholders can take advantage of exclusive discount offers such as Road Canada’s 24/7 roadside assistance, maintenance and repair counselling.

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Whether your business is local or international we have the fuel card to suit your needs. We look at every detail and offer the tools and services to help reduce operating costs so your fleet performs better.

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At Shell, we’ve created two cards that deliver the convenience, cost-saving solutions and control you’ve always wanted in a fleet card.