Projects in Communities Neighbouring our Business Activities

Shell provides funding for community projects that are located near our facilities and exploration interests throughout Canada.

In these communities, we meet with our neighbours to understand the key community issues. To meet these priorities, we may extend our social investments beyond our core areas of Environment, Education and Employees to include initiatives that address social, health and other local concerns.

Preference is given to social investment projects that provide measurable societal benefits and are financially and operationally sustainable beyond Shell’s investment. Examples of local funding initiatives range from community health to economic development and K to 12 educational programs.

You may also visit the relevant facility section of our website for more information about our business activities. 

To find out more and to apply, visit Funding Guidelines and Process.

More in Communities

United Way

Shell people and their families are the driving force behind our long-standing relationship with United Way.

Community Service Fund

The volunteer efforts of employees, retirees and retailers/agents are recognized and rewarded by the Shell Community Service Fund.