Who is eligible?

Non-profit organizations in Fox Creek can apply for grant funding.

Organizations not eligible for a grant include: individuals or individual pursuits, for-profit businesses, sports teams, sports tournaments, homeowners’ associations, fraternal or labour organizations, political organizations, religious organizations for the sole benefit of the organization.

If your organization or project doesn’t fit the eligibility requirements above, read more about our general social investment funding for other opportunities.

How much is each grant?

Each grant will be in the amount of $5,000.

How can funding be used?

Funding may be used for one-time projects that benefit the community and are sustainable after the conclusion of the grant. Funding cannot be used for operating expenses, dues or memberships, trips, tours, travel expenses, conferences, advertising, giveaways or prizes, third-party fundraising events, individual scholarships, lobbying expenses or personal computers.

When is the application deadline?

*We have extended the application deadline in order to meet the needs of our communities who may be affected by COVID-19

August 15, 2020
Successful applicants will be notified within 90 days of the deadline.

How are recipients determined?

A panel of community members from the Fox Creek community will select which grant applications will be funded through the program. 

How do I apply?

Interested organizations may apply through our online application form.

After selecting your province (Alberta), and community (Fox Creek) please select “Community Grant” as the type of request you are making.

To learn more, contact Marcie Nieman, Community Liaison, at marcie.nieman@shell.com. 403 638-6687.