Brockville Lubricants Plant

Location: 250 Laurier Boulevard, Brockville, Ontario

Employees: 70 full-time and 15 contractors

Shell’s Brockville Lubricants Plant is the largest blender and packager of retail passenger-car motor oils in Canada, manufacturing multiple lubricant products resulting in the production of over 2,500 finished goods, and the newest facility of its type in North America.

Most products produced at the plant bear the Shell, Quaker State and Pennzoil brands, plus many are produced for sale by other companies as private-label products in domestic and international markets. The Quaker State and Pennzoil brands are part of the Shell Lubricants brand portfolio as Shell purchased the Pennzoil-Quaker State Company in 2002.

Several years ago the Brockville plant was selected to be the sole North American supplier of AeroShell aviation lubricants, used in small piston-engine aircraft. To manage this work and increased demand for Pennzoil and Quaker State brands, a $20 million expansion project was completed in 2007. This work included:

  • Installing 12 new bulk-storage tanks;
  • Expanding the railway siding and offloading facility;
  • Installing a new, highly automated production line with a computer-controlled robotic arm that lifts and places four cases of product at a time.

Working to Shell’s highest standards of product quality, environmental responsibility and safety, the plant is both ISO 14001 and ISO 9001:2008 registered.

Operations and Products

The Brockville Lubricants Plant consists of a lubricant oil blending facility, automated packaging lines and distribution warehouse at 250 Laurier Boulevard in Brockville, Ontario.

The Brockville facility includes a 150,000-square-foot warehouse. It has a fully computerized inventory management system, computerized dispatch of forklift trucks, an on-site distribution partner, and complete bar-coded inventory that achieves 99% accuracy in delivery.

Bulk handling and blending include two separate in-line blenders, each with a production rate of more than 1,500 litres per minute; two automated batch blenders for a wide range of specialty products; 103 bulk tanks; two bulk-truck weigh scales and railcar-loading facilities. Packaging production includes automated filling lines for the full cross-section of package types (1 litre/1 U.S. quart, 4 litre/5 litre/U.S. gallon, 20 litre pail, 60 litre keg, 205 litre drum, 1,000 litre bin).


The plant is a highly automated operation, producing approximately 200 formulations of automotive, aviation and industrial lubricating oils to Shell customers in both domestic and international markets. The plant is an experienced supplier of lubricants for many leading private-label customers.

For more information about Shell Lubricants, view the lubricants section on this website

Sustainable Development

Shell’s Social Investment Program

Shell’s national social investment program is focused on three core areas that we refer to as the ‘Three Es’: Education, Environment and Employees.

While our national program benefits local communities, we also support grassroots not-for-profit organizations in communities neighbouring Shell’s major facilities and exploration and production interests. Support may extend beyond these three core areas to include funding for initiatives that benefit our Aboriginal neighbours.

For funding requests or more information, please visit Shell’s sustainability section to review guidelines and access the online application.


Please contact our local community representative at (514) 356-7036 with any questions.

Emergency Response and Safety

Emergency response and safety are important parts of operations at each Shell facility. Our goals are no harm to people, to protect the environment and to prevent pollution. To achieve our goals, we have a systematic approach to emergency response and safety designed to protect the community and our employees.

Emergency Contacts

To report an emergency at Shell's Brockville Lubricants Plant, please call the 24-hour safety and environment number at (613) 498-5729 or 9-1-1.

Our Approach

Shell's strong commitment to health and safety is demonstrated through the careful design of our facilities, employee training, and the appropriate resources in place to respond quickly to emergencies. The Brockville Lubricants Plant has a sequence of built-in safeguards and barriers designed to prevent an incident from occurring. However, in the unlikely event of an incident, we also have an effective emergency response plan in place to help us to manage risks and protect people.

Emergency Response System

Shell uses an Incident Command System (ICS) to provide an effective response to any emergency on our sites. The system provides a quick assessment of an emergency situation, allowing Shell professionals in conjunction with local and regional responders to evaluate the situation and mount an efficient and effective response.

In addition to an on-site Emergency Response Team, Brockville Lubricants Plant also has access to a strong national network of experts that can be called upon to assist.


At Shell, safety is our first priority and we strive to achieve zero incidents and no harm to our employees and community. To achieve this goal, Shell is continuously adding new initiatives to our already established Safety Management System. These initiatives and programs better equip employees to identify, manage and minimize risks in the workplace. The goal is to identify potential safety concerns before they emerge.

Careers at Brockville

At Shell's Brockville Lubricant's Plant, we continue to set the standard by striving to provide our customers with the highest quality products and service. We take pride and interest in continually enhancing our abilities, capabilities, and safe and satisfying working environment.

The plant has 70 full-time employees in positions ranging from management and administration, to skilled trades and process operations.

Shell employees live and work in the Brockville area, benefiting the broader community by volunteering with a variety of non-profit, recreational and sports organizations.

If you are interested in opportunities at the Brockville Lubricants Plant, or with Shell across Canada, see our Jobs & Careers page.

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