• Production

    130 million litres

    Contact info:

    • General Inquiries: 613.498.5700
    • To report an emergency: 613.498.5729
  • Certifications

    ISO 14001, ISO 45001, IATF16949, ISO90001


Lubricants are an important part of what keeps us moving – whether that is by car, boat or plane. Brockville produces 200 different products in the passenger car motor oil, heavy duty engine oil and industrial sectors.

Shell’s flagship products include Pennzoil, Quaker State, Rotella, Omala, Tellus, Spirax, Turbo and Corena – all of which are produced at Brockville. The plant also produces a range of industrial products including Argina, Gadinia, Morlina, Mysella and Tonna.

Other products are produced for private-label companies in Canadian and international markets.

Brockville Lubricants Plant ships products to Canada, USA, Europe and Asia.

The Brockville plant is also a supplier of AeroShell aviation lubricants, used in small piston-engine aircraft.
For more information about Shell Lubricants, view the lubricants section on this website.


The plant has a fully computerized inventory management system, computerized dispatch of forklift trucks, an on-site distribution partner, and complete bar-coded inventory that achieves 99% accuracy in delivery.

  • Production and Infrastructure/Equipment Bulk handling and blending include two separate in-line blenders, each with a production rate of more than 1,500 litres per minute
  • Two automated batch blenders for a wide range of specialty products
  • 111 bulk tanks
  • Two bulk-truck weigh scales and railcar-loading facilities
  • Packaging production includes automated filling lines for the full cross-section of package types (1 litre/1 U.S. quart, 4 litre/5 litre/U.S. gallon, 20 litre pail, 60 litre keg, 205 litre drum, 1,000 litre bin)


To report an emergency at Shell's Brockville Lubricants Plant, please call the 24-hour safety and environment number at (613) 498-5729 .


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