Shell’s Scotford complex located in Alberta is home to one of North America’s most advanced refineries. It is the leading refinery in Canada in energy efficiency, using 25% less energy than the average Canadian refinery according to the Solomon Energy Efficiency Index (EII)TM of participants in Solomon’s Biennial Worldwide Fuels Refinery Performance Analysis. That 25% of energy savings adds up. In fact, the amount of energy saved would be enough electricity to power over 100,000 homes.1

While the leading performance of the Scotford refinery is only one part of what it takes to make quality fuels for your vehicle, it’s part of our early steps to reduce our environmental footprint. We’ve taken these steps to innovate our operations today, and we’re planning to do more in the future to continuously improve.

These plans will have to change over time, as society and our customers’ needs and preferences also change. We recognize that achieving climate ambitions will be dependent on both Shell and our customers taking action. It is in this way – by changing – that Shell can succeed in becoming a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050, and in being an integral part of a net-zero emissions future.

The next time you choose to fill up at Shell, know that we are acting today for the benefit of tomorrow.

1 Based on the average household electricity use from Energy Efficiency Alberta

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Twice each year Shell Scotford publishes and distributes our newsletter, Community Connections, to all homes in Fort Saskatchewan, Bruderheim and northern Strathcona County.