Shell Canada Limited acknowledges that, on October 19, 2015, Shell employees working at Shell Albian Sands (SAS), who were qualified electors, were not provided the legislated time off work for the purpose of casting their vote during the 42nd federal general election.

This decision was made based on a mistaken, though good faith, belief that Shell Canada Limited had fulfilled its obligations in the circumstances because these employees, otherwise scheduled to work on polling day, had been provided the opportunity for paid time off and transportation to an advance polling station on October 12, 2015 for the purpose of casting their votes.

Shell Canada Limited acknowledges that while it had a short term leave policy in place for the purpose of allowing employees paid time off to vote during elections, the policy did not specifically state that employees who were qualified electors were entitled to paid time off to allow them to have – during voting hours – three consecutive hours in which to vote during polling day for a federal election.

Prior to entering into the Compliance Agreement, Shell Canada Limited adopted a new and more detailed policy with respect to voting rights of its employees to better ensure compliance. Shell Canada Limited’s new policy has been reviewed and approved by the Commissioner of Canada Elections.

Shell Canada Limited acknowledges that the approach taken to employee voting at SAS during the 42nd federal general elections was contrary to subsection 132(1) of the Canada Elections Act and accepts full responsibility for these acts.

Shell Canada Limited undertakes to implement each of the Compliance Agreement’s terms and to comply with the relevant provisions of the Canada Elections Act in the future.

This notice is published in accordance with the above mentioned Compliance Agreement.
The text of the Compliance Agreement is available on the Commissioner’s website at

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