We go above and beyond for our fleet partners

Title: We go above and beyond for our fleet partners

Duration: 1:00 minute

Description: With Shell Fleet Solutions as your business partner, fleet managers know we’re in it together!

Better Together Transcript


Hi I’m Addison in Calgary Alberta. And I’m Chad. I’ve known Chad for five or six years… Turns out Chad went to university with my business partner and we have a lot of other mutual friends.


Chad’s great because he understands my priorities. We have a transparent, open line of communication. We value each other’s time. He’s always willing to try new things. So we had a good foundation to start with. And since that day our relationship has evolved. It’s great having Chad as our dedicated account manager.


In the past five plus years of having a relationship with Addison, they’ve taken on our Universal Fuel Card and they’ve also brought on our Telematics Solution, which provides him with real-time data of where the vehicle is as well as allthe fuel that’s being put into those vehicles. It’s critical with a multi-location business that we leverage technology however we can. Shell’s Telamatic Solution helps us do that.


I genuinely care about the people I work with and I truly believe in what we’re doing as a partner. With Shell Fleet Solutions we’re in it together


A Fleet Manager’s Story

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A Fleet Manager’s Story

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