“Switching to one card has been a significant life changer for my accounting team. With the four cards we used before, it was a large manual process. That’s no longer an issue now that we only use the Shell Fleet NavigatorTM Card.”

Easy to manage and real-time reporting at your fingertips

One of the challenges we faced at Bermingham Foundation was keeping track of driver payment cards. As a foundation contracting company with construction sites all over Ontario, we had four different credit card accounts to manage. Trying to reconcile statements and usage was tedious and very time consuming. There were also times where we suspected that drivers were using their company cards for unapproved purchases. It was impossible to track non-fuel purchases like cigarettes, drinks and snacks.

The Shell Fleet NavigatorTM Card immediately changed that. With Shell, it’s one card, one account. I receive real-time transaction information, which allows me to easily see the usage from all drivers. The location, date and relevant information is easily accessible and allows me to review and inquire, if necessary. Since our drivers are also aware of this, misuse has significantly decreased.

Program flexibility

Our drivers have also expressed convenience in using the Shell Fleet Navigator Card. Since it’s not just a fuel card, but a Mastercard®, it can be used at all Shell stations across Canada as well as other gas stations close by. So, drivers never need to drive out of their way to get to a particular station. This gives them the flexibility and convenience of using the card at any service station where Mastercard is accepted.

A dedicated account manager and 24/7 service

Our Shell account manager is phenomenal. She is incredibly responsive and I know I can quickly get a hold of her if an issue ever arises. With her knowledge and input, we improved our accounting processes. She has helped our fleet operations go from a large manual process to a simple excel format which we can use, manipulate and manage at ease.

Overall, the change from multiple accounts to one card went very smoothly. While I was expecting it to be difficult, Shell helped roll out the program seamlessly.

- Phil Taylor

Phil Taylor is the Controller at Bermingham Foundation, a construction subcontractor headquartered in Ontario. Bermingham’s focus is foundation work. Phil manages a fleet of roughly 30 pickup trucks, heavy-duty trucks, site supervisors and project managers.

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