Rob Wilson is the Vice President, Fleet Services at Stephenson’s Rental Services headquartered in Ontario

“I would recommend the Shell Fleet CardTM to companies that require data management at any level. Shell’s account managers work with customers to find the best overall solution that will work with individual business needs. That’s what our account manager did for us.”

Data management and driver accountability

At Stephenson’s Rental Services, our rental fleet is our largest investment and has proven to be both a challenge and the largest opportunity to grow our company. We’ve been in business for 60 years, providing rental services to large and small businesses alike. But with a fleet of around 175 vehicles and rental equipment, we didn’t have the best handle on fuel spend management. Historically, we set up cards and locked them for certain purchases that we didn’t want our drivers to be able to purchase, and that was basically it. However, we needed a way to keep track of our fleet on a regular basis and in an organized fashion.

The Shell Fleet Card has provided us with the insight and data management we were looking for. The card’s online management system, eTRACTM, gives us a detailed look at driver activity, which ultimately, makes our drivers more accountable. The automated weekly report allows us to cross reference what vehicles are being driven and what type of fuel is being used, as well as any irregularities for large amounts of fuel. It also tracks spend outside of fuel by driver, so that we can delve into patterns and address problems quickly.

Integration with a fleet management company

Shell has done an amazing job integrating with our outside fleet management platform that manages our vehicle maintenance. The outside fleet management company ensures our preventive vehicle maintenance and annual inspections are up-to-date.

By adding the Shell Fleet Card, all our reporting gets fed in by vehicle and by driver, ensuring we understand our overall costs to deliver. This also helps ensure there is no fraudulent behaviour occurring with our fuel cards, whether inadvertent or on purpose.

A dedicated account manager who goes the extra mile

Our partnership with Shell is strong. Supplier issues arise no matter what. It’s how quickly your service provider can respond and to what degree of satisfaction you can get your issue resolved, that is important. In my opinion, our Shell account manager has excelled in customer satisfaction. When issues have arisen, the response time has always been quick.

Our Shell account manager even worked with our IT team to ensure our reporting was done efficiently, and they continue to show persistence and resilience to follow through to the end.

- Rob Wilson

Rob Wilson is the Vice President, Fleet Services at Stephenson’s Rental Services headquartered in Ontario. Stephenson’s is a leading rental equipment provider that offers a full line of equipment solutions including equipment rentals, sales and service. Stephenson’s also operates two specialty divisions, Heating Solutions and Scaffold Source.

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