Decarbonization as a priority means that businesses around the world are aware of the need for change and are beginning to take the necessary steps toward achieving sustainability for their fleets. By proactively incorporating more sustainable mobility solutions into the company policy, the business sector can help contribute to broader industry reduction targets.

While some businesses understand exactly what steps they want to take towards achieving their sustainability goals, others may be looking for guidance and assistance.

Where ever you are in your journey, Shell Fleet Solutions wants to help you with your decarbonization goals.

Our four-phase program is designed to help you reach your decarbonization goals.

Although every sustainability journey shares the same end goal, each will take a different route, depending on location, fleet sizes and make up, and the strategic needs of the business.

Shell Fleet Solutions launched the Accelerate to Zero program to help fleet customers map their decarbonization journey. Accelerate to Zero brings together our full range of consultancy services and products in a tailored program to meet your fleet’s specific goals.

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Phase 1: Diagnose

The program diagnoses a business's specific decarbonization ambition by analyzing the current fleet and existing plans.

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Phase 2: Build

The program then builds a clear road map to help deliver those goals. to include any 'qui ck-win' initiatives.

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Phase 3: Deploy

Then Shell works with customers to deploy the appropriate solutions.

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Phase 4: Realize

Finally, realize the benefits through focused and ongoing monitoring and date-driven improvement adjustments.

Press the marked areas to learn more about each

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