The beginnings of the data driven fleet of the future are upon us, radically transforming how fleets – big and small - operate and make decisions. With so much technology and data at our fingertips, mining out the right insights to unlock the benefits of big data can be a transformative, yet challenging process. Nevertheless, once embraced, fleets are catapulted into the future, seeing efficiencies in as soon as six months and benefiting from a significant competitive edge*.

What Does a Data-Driven Future Look Like?

Our recently published Driven by Data: Managing the Fleet Information Overload report digs into the way that data is being utilized within the industry to identify how fleets – and fleet managers – can start preparing today for the future of tomorrow. The key trends identified in this report were:

  • The evolution of telematics: Telematics data in fleet management will increase productivity by up to 15%, improving efficiency and reducing fuel fraud. 
  • Impact of effective use of data: Harnessing data insights can help fleet managers decrease overtime by 10–15%, reduce vehicle idle time by 20–30%, and cut total miles driven by 5-10%.
  • Upskilling for data: Feeling behind the curve? You’re not alone. 60% of fleet managers say they need additional training - in areas such as systems integration, data analytics and predictive modelling- to prepare for a data driven future.
  • Big data and the bottom line: By 2025, experts estimate that big data will help fleet managers drive down overall costs by around 3%.

What Does This Mean for Fleets in Canada?

In Canada, we see that fleet owners and managers are constantly working to drive costs down, remain efficient and optimize productivity- all while working to keep everyone safe and in compliance with industry regulations. With this challenge in mind, Shell is committed to developing a telematics solution that will provide Canadian fleets with timely, high quality information and metrics to enhance insights into their operations. The program will be fully integrated with our Shell Fleet Card and Shell Fleet NavigatorTM card data to provide real-time location, driver performance and vehicle performance data in addition to fuel consumption, fraud and maintenance reports.

To narrow in on the unique needs of Canadian fleets, we’re working with select customers to pilot our telematics technologies before rolling out more widely later in 2019. The pilot is running with fleets across various ranges, vehicle types and industries to help define our customers’ must-have features. The insights and feedback from this process will allow us to develop a valuable and affordable telematics solution for all our Canadian fleet customers.

Once widely launched, Shell’s Canadian telematics solution will allow fleets to:

  • Increase visibility and control over their operations
  • Access timely data and reporting to improve productivity
  • Identify fuel savings opportunities and reduce CO2 emissions
  • Mitigate safety incidents
  • Find efficiencies, source of maintenance problems and reduce costs
  • Prepare for compliance regulation

As data continues to propel the global fleet industry into the future, the pressure is on for Canadian fleets and managers to embrace change to stay competitive.

As always, if you have any specific questions about your fleet’s partnership with Shell and would like to speak with an account manager, don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-800-212-8916.

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