Shell Fleet Maintenance Hub™ can benefit any fleet manager. Whether you’re an existing Shell Fleet Solutions customer or not, anyone with any size fleet can sign up and take advantage of the benefits.

  • Safety


    Stay on top of routine maintenance to promote better vehicle safety

  • Convenience icon


    Access all maintenance data though a single platform, either on your phone or on the go from your app

  • Savings icon


    Receive exclusive savings at nearly 1,000 maintenance partners across Canada and growing

  • Expertise icon


    Oversight by ASE Certified Technicians*

  • Control Icon


    Set custom user permissions to streamline service approvals and payments

  • Reporting icon


    Gain access to timely maintenance reports


Shell Fleet Maintenance Hub utilizes an online portal so you can manage your entire fleet’s maintenance needs from the mobile or desktop dashboard. This allows you to proactively schedule preventative maintenance, approve or decline work, and set user permissions and roles to streamline the fleet service process.

Convenient ways to pay

Use your existing Shell Fleet Navigator card or preferred method of payment for maintenance expenses.

Electronically approve work

Conveniently book, approve, and pay from your phone or computer. Set user permissions to grant electronic approval authority on a per service basis, or by monetary limits.

OEM suggested maintenance notifications

Find out what services each vehicle needs based upon manufacturers’ recommendations.

Analyze spend with reporting metrics

With dynamic reporting metrics, view total spend over any time frame on a cost per vehicle or entire fleet basis.


Check out the maintenance providers that are part of the Shell Fleet Maintenance Hub network. Click here to begin searching for shops in your area. Enter your city/province or postal code, and you’ll discover nearby maintenance shops offering Hub customers exclusive savings


Integrating with Shell TelematicsTM

Shell Fleet Maintenance Hub seamlessly integrates with Shell Telematics. If you are a customer of both programs, the telematics database is synced to your Shell Fleet Maintenance Hub database. The integration looks for matching VINs and then updates the oedometer, giving you enhanced maintenance reminders that are near real-time. This integration is completely free.


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Available to any fleet business.

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Experience the benefits of Shell Fleet Maintenance Hub.

Already a Shell Fleet Maintenance Hub customer, sign into your account here.**

*ASE certified mechanics review major services provided by maintenance partners.

**We are confident you (“Subscriber”) will be fully satisfied with your subscription to Shell Fleet Maintenance Hub. If for any reason Subscriber is not satisfied with your subscription to Shell Shell Fleet Maintenance Hub, Shell Canada Products (“Shell,” “we,” “our,” or “us”) will, upon Subscriber’s request, provide a full refund of the monthly subscription fee(s) paid by Subscriber within the first ninety (90) calendar days after the date of subscription enrollment (“Subscription Date”), no questions asked (the “Money Back Guarantee”), subject to the terms and conditions below (these “Terms and Conditions”). To qualify for the Money Back Guarantee the following terms and conditions apply and must be met: A. Subscriber must be a new Shell Fleet Maintenance Hub customer with an active subscription (at time of cancel request) and cancel within the first 90 days after the Subscription Date. B. The Money Back Guarantee applies to the monthly subscription fee(s) paid in full by Subscriber in the aggregate during the first 90 days after the Subscription Date. For the avoidance of doubt, in the case of multiple vehicles enrolled as part of Subscriber’s subscription, the Money Back Guarantee will apply to every such vehicle. An example of the calculation of the Money Back Guarantee appears at the end of these Terms and Conditions. C. The Money Back Guarantee cannot be combined with any other Shell Fleet Maintenance Hub offer.

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