The ELD deadline is coming 

On January 1, 2023, the Canadian government will require full implementation of Electronic Logging Devices. Shell Telematics is your fleet’s all-in-one solution.

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Your fleet’s one-stop Telematics solution

Shell Telematics™ gives you the insights you need to get the best out of your fleet. By combining Shell Fleet Card and vehicle data, our end-to-end solution makes it simple to do everything from spotting card fraud through to tracking delivery progress and monitoring driver behaviour.

You can choose the package of features that will work best for your business, and it’s all managed through the user-friendly Shell Telematics portal and app. 
Whatever the size or type of your fleet, Shell Telematics is an easy, cost-effective way to make better-informed decisions to help bring down your total cost of ownership.


Fuel card integration

1: Fuel card integration

The Shell Card is a simple and secure way to buy fuel and track expenditure. Combining fuel card and vehicle data from an easy-to-install on-board device means more help to control one of your highest operating costs.

Secure storage & analysis

2: Secure storage & analysis

We gather your transaction, vehicle and driver data and store it securely in the cloud, giving you complete visibility of your fleet’s current and historical activity.

Fleet Manager’s overview

3: Fleet Manager’s overview

The reports allow you to quickly act on key information. For example, you can initiate driving coaching to improve driver safety and reduce accidents or find more efficient routes for your drivers.

Features at-a-glance

  • Fuel card integration

    Fuel card integration

    Shell Fleet Card data feeds automatically into easy-to-use reports, such as fuel efficiency and idling case reports.

  • Map


    Track location and movement of all vehicles with satellite map view, Google Street View and live* traffic information.

    *Standard is near real-time data, with real-time data available in some options.

  • Journey history

    Journey history

    Review all journeys made with date, time, start and finish locations, drive time and distance travelled.

  • Driver performance

    Driver performance

    Review driving behaviour score based on the length and severity of the speeding, acceleration, idling time and braking events.

  • Vehicle performance

    Vehicle performance

    Get timely maintenance reminders and fuel-efficiency reports.

  • Geo-Plus


    Set up geo-fencing to get alerts based on needs – e.g. alerts when vehicles leave city limits.

  • Business/private mileage

    Business/private mileage

    Get reports detailing all journeys by driver to enable business/private mileage claims.

  • Online portal

    Online portal

    Our easy-to-use portal gives you 24/7 access to your data so you have complete visibility of your fleet’s real-time and historical activity.

  • Device management

    Device management

    Edit information stored against device including driver names, contact details, vehicle information and linked fuel cards.


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