Shell employs over 90,000 people in more than 70 countries, affording us a breadth of backgrounds, perspectives and skillsets that are essential to operating a successful multi-national organization. We openly and actively celebrate our diverse workforce for all of the ways we differ - from age and gender, to religion and ethnicity, and beyond. A culture of inclusion means these differences are welcomed and valued, creating a network of employees who feel respected and connected.

"A diverse population in Shell contributes different ways of thinking, and through that provides the innovation we need to ensure our portfolio is both attractive and resilient," said Ben van Beurden, Shell CEO. "Collaboration is critical to our success. Inclusion and inclusive behaviors are at the heart of effective collaboration."

In Canada, for example, we celebrate the unique heritage and outstanding contributions of First Nation, Inuit and Metis peoples in our annual observation of Aboriginal Awareness Week. Shell Canada's Aboriginal Employee Network (AbNet) welcomes all employees to commemorate this milestone and learn about Aboriginal culture with weeklong events including finger weaving workshops and elder storytelling.

Shell Canada is also proud to offer robust networks for African, Hispanic, Asian employees, among other cultural groups as well as programs for women, people with disabilities, LGBT employees and more.

The efforts of each of our cultural organizations and events allow Shell employees to honor tradition and learn more about their country and colleagues' history. We are committed to providing these opportunities to our staff, creating a diverse and inclusive workforce that honors our principles of honesty, integrity and respect.

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