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You will have the opportunity to progress in an environment that encourages both personal and professional development, and be a part of our innovative projects.

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At Shell, we work closely with key Technical Schools to recruit talent for temporary student opportunities.

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Job search

The first step toward joining Shell as an Operations & Maintenance professional is to check our current job vacancies. Please use our Job Search engine to begin.


Once you find a vacancy that interests you, you can apply using the online application form. Within 48 hours, you should receive confirmation that we’ve received your completed application.


For some vacancies, we conduct pre-employment assessments to identify job-specific qualities. Candidates who are selected for these assessments will be notified via e-mail and sent an online assessment (OLA) link. Some candidates may then be invited to a skill-based assessment after having passed the OLA. You’ll be notified via email and sent an invitation to self-schedule an appointment.

Please note that if you have successfully completed our test process in the past five years, you’re not required to re-test; we will have your successful scores on file. If you’ve been unsuccessful, you won’t be able to take the assessment within four months of your last assessment date.

Final assessment

Those candidates most closely meeting the recruitment requirements will be contacted to schedule an interview. If you are selected, you will receive an e-mail requesting you to register yourself for the interview time that works best for you. Those who are not selected will also receive an e-mail notification.

Interviewing preparation and tips:

Do your homework. Research Shell and gain familiarity with Shell’s operations, sites and values. We’d recommend you also read and understand the requirements of the job and how your experience, skills and strengths relate to the role.

Shell uses the STARR assessment method described below. So, you might want to think about examples from your experiences and skills which touch on the following points:

  • Situation – What was the context? Describe the situation.
  • Task – What was needed? What were the objectives?
  • Action – What did you do? What difficulties did you encounter?
  • Relationships – Who else was involved? How did you motivate them?
  • Results – What was the outcome? What did you learn?

We'll endeavour to notify you of the outcome of your final assessment within a few days of the event.


Please note that all the timelines described above are average times for each step in the process. However, during periods of high applications, each step can take longer.

Contact us

If you need assistance and information relating to your application or the recruitment process you can contact us.

Recruitment scams

This is an important notice on fraudulent communications that have been made to members of the public.

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