Shell is proud to announce that for the third consecutive year we have been named in The Times Top 50 (TT50) Employers for Women.

Each year The Times, in partnership with Business in the Community, the Prince’s Responsible Business Network, publishes its unranked list of companies that are actively creating cultural change for women at work. Competition to be placed is hard-won and once again, Shell features.

A commitment to gender equality

To be included on the list, organizations must show a commitment to changing perceptions, processes and culture related to gender equality. Shell prides itself on setting the bar high.
Maggie van T’Hoff, President of Balance at Shell, (Previously Shell Women’s Network) said ”I am very proud of the achievements of Shell UK, named again as the Times Top 50 Employer for Women. This is due to a lot of hard work, supported by leaders, HR and Balance at Shell. It is fantastic to be recognized for this work. Balanced teams translate to real business value.” 

Diversity and inclusion is a central part of the organization at all levels, from entry-level employees to senior management. Creating better development opportunities and a positive work environment for women is a core part of this. 

In fact, we treat our diversity targets in the same way we do our business goals, for example by including them in our leadership and line manager training programs and in annual appraisals. As part of this year’s Diversity and Inclusion week, leaders were made responsible for raising the themes of inclusion and gender equality with their teams.

Girls in Energy: hands-on engineering experiences inspire young women to pursue a career in energy
Girls in Energy: hands-on engineering experiences inspire young women to pursue a career in energy

Inspiring the next generation

Shell is also committed to supporting women in technology and science careers from the ground up. In the UK we run the program ‘Girls in Energy’, where high school groups of students are invited into Shell to help break down preconceptions of working in the energy industry.

One girl on the course said: “I always enjoyed science and maths but I hadn’t considered a career in that area. Taking part in Girls in Energy made me realize that there’s a place for me in the world of engineering.”

To mark 25 years’ worth of campaigning for gender equality, The Times published a detailed supplement to accompany the list.

Emma Tucker, Deputy Editor of The Times, said: “The supplement will highlight the advances these 50 organizations have made in increasing opportunities and creating working environments where women are free to reach their full potential and also explore those areas where more needs to be done.”