Abhilasha letter to the future

Today, on the day of my retirement, I look back over 40 years, how wonderful this journey has been. Mankind has managed to adapt successfully through a century of rapid change and so has Shell.

I remember being a young girl living in a district of Rajasthan, waiting to complete my homework when electricity comes. Later ending a successful career in a company that has travelled from seashells to the world of energy.

The time I started my career in Shell, an urgent need was to meet global energy demands as the population was growing exponentially and renewables could only meet some of this demand.

The time came to change the way the world produces and uses energy.

The future was uncertain in this energy revolution, but we cared for the sustainability of this planet for generations to inherit. Thus, started reforming our portfolio with a long-term ambition to reduce our net carbon footprint by half by 2050. Balancing the passion for improvement and the fundamentals of safety and social responsibility, we believe that together we’ll make the future.

As both energy demand and energy supply must evolve together, the dilemma was to make a transition to a lower-carbon future providing society the access to a reliable, affordable and sustainable supply.

We prepared for the change by unlocking the latent potential in Innovation & Technology, by leveraging the elements of digitalisation and by harnessing the power of augmented data science to help us achieve our ambitions.

I’m proud to say that I led a team that constantly aimed at providing cleaner energy solutions by using next Gen optimisation, robotics and integrated Blockchain, making energy trading more efficient.

It gives me immense contentment to reflect that I inspired society to adapt through this energy transition and provided products that power daily lives. The future beholds immense potential and I hope we continue to strive to power progress together because we are Shell, and we are up for challenges!

Engineer at Shell


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