Tomorrow is my last day at Shell. After 40 years, it’s probably a good time to share my story. A story of how I, a once young and inexperienced petroleum engineering graduate, wanted to make a positive impact on the world, and how this became my biggest motivator for joining an energy company like Shell all those years ago.

At University, I was fortunate to work with communities around the world where access to energy, let alone clean energy, was incredibly difficult. I installed clean water supplies and saw first-hand the enormous impact of electricity for pumps and gas cooking to replace smoky fires. Meanwhile in Europe, our population was increasing and so was the demand for energy – we also faced the added challenge of rising CO2 levels globally.

As a graduate engineer, I helped develop solutions for a new lower carbon economy. I was involved in Digital Rocks technology which allowed the development of the carbon capture system to capture and recycle CO2 from power plants into redundant hydrocarbon reservoirs.

I also helped bring a new generation of digital technology including AI to drilling operations to help save money and raise safety levels which helped investments into wind power, hydrogen for transport and new battery systems to achieve a more balanced energy mix.

When I joined Shell back then, the renewables share of the energy mix globally was around 3%. Today it’s over 60% and I am delighted to say that we are continuing to power brighter, cleaner futures for all.

Looking back, I really did make the right decision to join the Shell team. To be a key part of its exciting ambition to transition to a lower carbon world has been an exciting and rewarding adventure. I’m proud to say it’s now a safer planet for future generations to enjoy as I will enjoy my retirement.

Engineer at Shell


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