I recall fond memories of the start of my journey – from the Shell Graduate Program to learning rigorous hydraulic calculations as a new technologist. Standing at my final moments in Shell, the changes over the past 30 years made me marvel at how far we have come.

In every role that I assumed, Shell imbued me with the knowledge and autonomy to consciously make decisions that could move us closer to cleaner and safer energies. We are constantly challenging our limits to innovate and tackle problems, to be a part of the solution.

Shell today is not only a leader in the world's gas business, but at the forefront of renewable energy where relentless innovation has greatly reduced CO2 emissions to sustainable levels. Carbon capture technology is slowing the effects of global warming – it was once deemed to be a non-economic initiative just three decades ago. I'm immensely proud to be a part of these efforts alongside collaboration with various technology giants.

As I look back on my journey, my personal mantra has transformed from being centred around individual growth, to teaching the next generation of curious minds and ultimately, to leading and inspiring others about the everyday decisions we make for the future of our planet. I believe that knowledge accrued within my generation would help others drive the next frontier for safe and sustainable energy, leaving the world better than thirty years ago.

Individually, we are just a drop of water. But together in Shell, we can form an ocean of change that I'm grateful to have been a part of in preserving the beauty of our planet. And there is nothing more I'm looking forward to in my retirement than to share this with the billions of people that we live with, and the billions more to come.

Technologist at Shell


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