I’m on my last business trip for Shell in Sub-Saharan Africa, and I can’t believe my eyes. More than 30 years ago I read a report from the UN about the lack of electricity in primary and secondary schools in the world. At that time more than 188 million children went to schools without any electricity supply.

Then, in 2018, everything changed. our former CEO, Ben van Beurden, gave a speech at One Young World. He said Shell would provide energy to 100 million people by 2030. I had just joined Shell when Ben gave his, now famous, speech.

In the following years I was able to work on great projects, where we used IT and digital solutions to build new grids and bring energy to places which never had energy.

Now I am at the end of my career, at a small school in Africa. I speak to children who say they can study at night, because they have proper lights in the living room. Health problems have dropped significantly since people don’t need to use lamps with kerosene anymore. It is amazing to see the impact that access to energy can bring to the lives of so many.

Never in my wildest dreams did it occur to me that I could be part of changing the world, that I could use my talents. I feel grateful for this and I can leave this world now in the hands of my grandchildren, who hopefully will work for Shell one day!

IT Advisor at Shell


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