Hayley (Engineer, UK)



"I’m part of a team and I don’t have to do this journey on my own."

Growing up, I certainly did not see myself working on an offshore oil rig, wearing overalls and getting covered in cement dust. But within three weeks of joining Shell’s graduate programme, I went straight to helicopter and offshore training before meeting my team at a North Sea platform for my first hands-on experience. It was a whirlwind start and an amazing, inspiring experience.

I am one of only two women in a crew of 120 guys, which at first felt a little overwhelming. But I have learned that what is great about Shell is that people give you opportunities based on your skills. From day one, I was given the responsibility of going offshore in a supervisory role, and knowing that Shell has that confidence in me, and my team, has shown me what I am capable of and fuelled my ambition. I really love it.

I currently work on the very end of the oil production cycle, decommissioning wells. But during the three years of the graduate programme, I will experience work in different fields, like wind and solar energy. I love that Shell provides opportunities to explore so many different and exciting career paths.

Coming from a research background, I am passionate about innovation. It has been great to see Shell applying innovation and digitalising processes offshore, and exciting to be part of teams implementing new techniques. Every day, I work in an environment of fast change, with people who are always challenging and pushing boundaries. I am really glad to be part of that journey.

That is ultimately why I joined Shell. I wanted to work for a company that I knew was taking on global challenges while helping people. A company where innovation, creativity and problem-solving are at the heart of everything we do. I have found that at Shell.

What is also important to me is the feeling of belonging to a team with a shared vision and commitment to collaboration. I have met people from different departments within Shell, and it has been inspiring to realise that we all share the same passion for our work. It feels really good to know I am part of a team of people who support each other, and that I do not have to make this journey on my own.

I certainly believe that we, as individuals, can make a difference. But it feels really good to have a company behind you that is committed to delivering real change, and the scale to make a global impact. For me, Shell is one of the best, most innovative companies out there, and I am so glad to work here.

Abhilasha (Engineer, India)



"To be working for a company that genuinely cares is a big thing for me."

One of the main reasons I love working for Shell is that its prime focus is people. People genuinely care for each other, whether they are senior or junior colleagues. As a female engineer, I want to know that I am valued as a person, as well as an employee, and that I am treated equally to others. For me, it is a special part of the culture at Shell, I see it and feel it every day I come to work.

I am interested in earth sciences, so I did my BTech degree in geoinformatics. In my current role, I work as part of the Data Operations team, which is fascinating. We use advanced technologies to help us detect possible exploration sites around the world.

I joined Shell because it has a broad range of businesses and activities. I was surprised at how many opportunities there are for my career and personal development. There are just so many to choose from. It makes me excited for the future.

Before I started working for Shell, I perceived it solely as an oil and gas company. But when I joined, I realised that it is putting a great deal of effort and investment into new technology to develop a cleaner energy business. We all need more energy to live better lives, but we also need to care about the planet. So, we must innovate.

There is also a need to provide more affordable access to energy for people who currently do not have it. One of my career goals is to be part of a team that provides solutions that can help society make that happen. I believe Shell is aiming to make positive changes. I want to be a part of that change, it is something I am very passionate about.

My parents always encouraged me to pursue anything I wanted to. My biggest goal is to make my family proud of me. Coming from a small town in Rajasthan, India, and now working to fulfil my ambitions at a huge company with a global impact just feels amazing!