“A part of [my decision to come to Shell] was that there were so many female leaders…. It greatly inspired me to come work for a company where I could see female leadership on a daily basis.”

Theresa’s first experience with Shell was as an external accountant. However, within the first month of consulting, she “knew [Shell] was a company that she wanted to work for.” After this realization, Theresa quickly achieved her dream of joining the collaborative work environment that she had first admired from the outside.

Having come from a background where office leadership tended to be male, Theresa was struck by the prevalence of female executives at Shell. From day one, she was excited to be a part of a workplace where she could be supervised by female role models, women that she “want[s] to be like.”

Theresa’s enthusiasm about Shell’s female leadership reached new heights when she decided to have children of her own. Not only is her manager encouraging of Theresa’s desire to balance work and motherhood, “she understands what [Theresa is] going through because she herself is a mom.”

“I get the best of both worlds. I have a great job, a great career at Shell, and I also get to enjoy lots of family time.”

The support that Theresa has felt as a parent who strives for excellence at work and at home extends beyond the female leadership in her office. The perks and opportunities that Shell provides create an ideal environment for work-life balance.

Theresa raves about the wonderful training ground that the company offers through excellent mentorship and development of skills necessary “to work effectively and efficiently” with others.  

In addition to professional development opportunities, Theresa was impressed by Shell’s generous maternity leave policy, which enabled her to take the time necessary to enjoy her new baby with the assurance that “[her] job was covered for the year… [making it] a stress-free maternity leave.” She is also grateful for the vacation and flex time that Shell encourages her to take so that Theresa can be home for the sick days and soccer games that come with being a parent of young children.

“It’s [the coworkers] that you deal with day in and day out [that make Shell special]…we’re there for each other.”

Theresa counts the support of her team at Shell among the biggest perks of working at the company. She says that the quality of “engaged individuals” that surround her “reaffirms [her] decision to join the company.” She feels that the factor that distinguishes her workplace is the “authenticity” of her coworkers and their support of her efforts to grow a family and her career. Theresa has countless stories to share about her coworkers urging her to leave the office at 4 pm so that she can spend time with her children.

Sharing the appreciation that she feels for Shell and her colleagues, Theresa says, “I know I’m committed to Shell because they’re committed to me.”

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