I’m a student in a Skilled Trades or Power Engineering program. Should I submit an application under the “Student and Graduates” web page?

The application process under the Student & Graduate section of our careers site applies to University Degree Program students only, for full-time and Intern hiring. For our Technical College students, please visit www.shell.ca/jobs for our current vacancies.

What job experience do I need as a student?

Shell takes a broad view of both your past personal experiences as well as any past work experience you may have. Everyone is going to bring something different and that’s the way we like it! Previous oil and gas experience is not a requirement.

What can I expect as a Student joining shell?

Every Student joining Shell starts with a one to two-week onboarding training period. Here you will learn our industry-leading safety practices and how imperative they are to our operations. As well, you will learn about the site you’re going to be working at. You will then be paired with your Mentor/Trainer and put onto shift to start your hands-on learning experience. You will not be left alone. Always with a safety first mindset, you will be mentored throughout your term. Only if/once you’re 100% trained, comfortable and your Mentor allows will you be able to perform tasks on your own. We take your safety, training and learning very seriously.

When do you hire Apprentices?

Apprentice hiring takes place throughout the year based on business need.

When do you hire Student Operators?

Depending on the business and school timings, our Student Operator (Power Engineering) hiring takes place several times throughout the year.

Who is Eligible?

Please review the hiring requirements on each posting as job requirements are clearly described for each vacancy. For our student opportunities, you must be currently enrolled in your program to be qualified and maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher.

What if there isn’t a job posted for me?

Opportunities for Student Operators and Apprentices are posted based on business needs and therefore timing of vacancies will vary. Please continue to check back every couple of weeks to view our current opportunities at www.shell.ca/jobs

Does Shell offer scholarships?

Shell has invested millions of dollars in universities, colleges and technical schools across Canada. Our goal is to support innovative post-secondary education, strengthen programs and engage students. As future leaders of our company and our country, it is important for students to have diverse and interactive learning opportunities, helping them think beyond traditional boundaries. The Awards Office at your university or college can tell you about the scholarships available at your school.

In addition, Shell established scholarships and bursaries with Indspire (formerly National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation (NAAF) for Aboriginal students from communities near Shell’s operations. We also support Indspire’s Oil and Gas Trades and Technology Bursary Program to provide financial assistance to Aboriginal students in Alberta who are pursuing careers in the oil and gas industry. To find out more or apply for the Indspire scholarships and bursaries visit Indspire website - www.indspire.ca.

What is a Refinery?

Much of the work in refineries has to do with moving crude oil and finished products through miles of pipes. This is a 24/7 process - the refinery never sleeps. Gauges must be constantly monitored and checked and the connections maintained in order to keep our energy flowing. But what is most exciting is this is where we transform crude oil into the raw ingredients which are used in so many of the products we use every single day. From the fuel in our cars, to the packaging for our food and ingredient in the cosmetics we use – products essential to our modern lifestyle.

What is the Quest CCS Facility?

Our Quest Carbon Capture and Storage project, located in Fort Saskatchewan near the Scotford Upgrader and Refinery, will capture more than one million tonnes of CO2 emissions from Shell’s bitumen upgrader each year and permanently store these emissions deep underground. Operating since November 2015, Quest is the first commercial CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) project for oil sands operations globally.

To learn more about our Quest Carbon Capture & Storage Project, please click on the links below:


What’s Going On Onshore?

Over the last decade, we have expanded our North American onshore natural gas portfolio, using advances in proven technology to tap rich resources of previously inaccessible "tight" gas, including gas locked in shale formations. Onshore gas and Unconventional resources are now delivering a significant amount of North America’s energy. This really is the new energy frontier and Shell is a leader in sustainable development of these key resources. If you’re looking for a challenging career in exciting field locations, a career in onshore field operations could be for you.

To learn more about our Unconventional Resources and operating locations, please click on the links below:


How can I learn more about Shell?

To learn more about Shell in Canada please visit our main website: http://www.shell.ca

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