For over 100 years Shell has not only fueled homes and businesses, but it has also energized dreams, powered change, and has been a leader in environmentally conscious development.

We are proud to be world’s number one largest mobility retailer serving over 32 million customers at more than 46,000 stations in 80 countries across the world, each day. Our company is driven by the efforts of our people who share in our common goal of “Making life’s journey’s better by enriching today and creating a more sustainable tomorrow”.

Retailers and Dealers, along with their service champions play an important role in delivering of our customer promise and the Shell offer. Today’s Service stations are more than just transaction hubs; Customers are looking for range of quality products and advice from knowledgeable service champions that understand their needs.

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Mobility business opportunities

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Exciting and Rewarding new opportunities to become an Independent Self-Employed Retailer

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