Chris Languedoc, Unit Inspector in Canada

“When I was in my last year of university, I had a few career paths in mind,” Chris says. “I attended many career fairs and networking events. There was one at Shell and it seemed like a really good company where I could stretch myself and do something new.”

Before graduating, Chris had the chance to speak with a Shell recruiter, and was impressed by the company’s diverse range of opportunities. However, what truly drew him in was the prospect of continuing to learn throughout his career. “I didn’t want a job where I’d be doing the same thing every day. [At Shell], there’s always plenty to learn,” he says.

From the first day of his internship, Chris was pleasantly surprised by the level of responsibility he was given. Right off the bat, he was tasked with kicking off a reliability program for the plant where he was based. Almost immediately, he knew that this would be no ordinary internship.

 “I never felt that [senior management] thought, ‘Oh, we’ll just give these things to the intern.’ Instead, it was [more like], ‘Let’s see how he does with this.’ That really helped develop my technical skills.”

The opportunity could not have been more perfect for Chris. He grew immensely, applying what he had learned in school to the project and gaining a wealth of hands-on experience. As he evaluated the current reliability of machines on site, he had the chance to work with people from all different backgrounds, along with senior employees in positions similar to his own.

Working alongside people with diverse experiences has extended far beyond Chris’ first project. Every day he interacts with coworkers with very diverse technical and cultural backgrounds. With the array of cultures and backgrounds at Shell, Chris finds that everyone learns from each other and works together to create a safe and inclusive workplace. He feels that the collaboration has helped him grow on both a professional and personal level. Greatest of all, he never feels that he has to face any challenge alone; he always has the support of his team.

Chris takes great pride knowing that he and his team make a real impact through their work. “In Shell, our “Goal Zero” mentality, which in short means ‘no harm, no leaks,’ is a significant part of how we carry out our daily work and operations” he says. “My personal role in this involves making sure that the piping and equipment at site is safe to operate, and everyone working at site around all of this equipment is safe.” He notes that this is just one of the many ways that he’s making a positive impact—not only for his colleagues, but also for the industry and environment.   

“If I were to look back on who I was five years ago, I’ve changed a lot – and for the better,” he says. “There’s a lot of activity going on and we want to ensure we’re working smartly and efficiently. It feels good knowing I’m a part of that.”  

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