Life’s best journeys are defined by food. We want to make those journeys even better, which is why we’re introducing delicafé by Shell, an exciting new, fresh and convenient experience.

Even though we’re new around here, we’re not brand new. We’re the same Shell you’ve known and trusted in Canada for over a century. We want to bring you something new, fresh and hands-down delicious. If we are in your neighbourhood, why not stop in and see what all the fuss is about? Here’s what you can find at your local delicafé by Shell:

  • For breakfast, start with your favourite coffee, handcrafted and served hot by a skilled barista, then add a warm cinnamon bun, drizzled with delicious frosting.
  • Next, picture sandwiches, made fresh and piled high with all your favourite ingredients, served with a freshly-blended smoothie, jam-packed with fruit.
  • Always fresh, always delicious and always convenient, that’s delicafé by Shell.

delicafé by Shell is an exciting new concept in the Calgary area, but only at select locations (for now). Find a participating store below and stop in to try the menu.

Find your nearest delicafé by Shell

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