When was the last time you were excited to stop for gas? Most consumers dread seeing the fuel gage approach empty, but Doug Mehak, from Stouffville, Ontario, gets excited.

“I’ve always been very happy with the service and the product,” says Doug.

As a youngster Doug remembers his dad driving home the merits of gasoline from Shell. He explained that Shell’s gas was the best for the family car, even before Doug had his license. Doug’s dad worked in the petro-chemical field, so this advice stuck with Doug as he passed his driver’s test and bought his first car. Years have passed but he hasn’t forgotten what his dad told him.

“After recently buying a new Jeep Patriot, I was interested in keeping track of fuel efficiency and wanted to put the best product in my car,” says Doug. Over 24,000km later, thanks to a new Shell station in Stouffville, Doug has filled his car exclusively with Shell 87 octane gas. He saved all of his receipts to prove it!

“At first it was a little tough but after a while it kind of turned into a challenge to continually use Shell product. At one point I got so into it I tried using the same pump at the same station every fill. That didn’t last long for obvious reasons,” says Doug.

The Shell Station Locator mobile application comes in handy when Doug is on the move and needs to refill. The app shows drivers where the nearest station is, based on their location, ensuring loyal customers like Doug never have to get stuck using a product that isn’t up to his standard.

With so many brands and choices available, Doug, and customers like him, are a testament to the product and service excellence at Shell gas stations.

“These types of stories from satisfied customers make us feel rewarded for our focus on providing the right offers in the right way to customers. - Thank you! We are pleased that our efforts to bring our customers the highest quality fuels does not go unnoticed. In addition to our products, it is the team delivering them to you, our customers, that make us the best and I'd like to recognize them for that as well!. It's brilliant to know that many of our customers see this and agree!” says Sydney Kimball, GM Retail.

Thank you, Doug, for taking the time to share with us your loyalty and gratitude towards Shell!

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