Calgary, May 9, 2018 - Shell Canada has partnered with Freshii to offer Canadians healthy and convenient meal, snack and juice options at select Shell locations across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), effective June 2018. The partnership’s first phase will place Freshii at 25 GTA Shell sites each selling over 20 Freshii on-the-go menu items. This phase will also see three flagship locations in the GTA providing Shell customers with a full Freshii restaurant experience. To tap into other nearby fresh food seekers, all locations will offer mobile ordering and fast delivery to any home or office.

“It’s our mission to help make our customers’ journey better – whether that’s offering the best fuels to get them where they need to go or offering fresh food options to keep them on the move,” said Andrea Brecka, Shell Canada Retail General Manager. “We know from our 100+ years serving Canadians that convenience and choice is critical. Partnering with Freshii allows us to provide healthy and convenient choices to customers on the go that may not otherwise have time in their day to fit in a healthy meal.”

Globally, Shell has more than 43,000 retail sites in close to 80 countries, and serves 30 million customers every day. In Canada, there are just over 1,300 Shell branded retail sites across the country. To see which sites will be energized with Freshii, customers can use Shell’s location finder at

“The bold steps Shell has taken to accomplish their goal—driving half of their revenue from non-petrol by 2025 with a pillar around health and wellness—makes us very optimistic about the way we can build on this partnership in the years to come,” says Matthew Corrin, Freshii Founder & CEO.

Freshii is a health and wellness brand that serves fresh food designed to energize people on the go. The brand’s global mission is to help citizens of the world live better by making healthy food convenient and affordable. After all, what’s more convenient than your neighbourhood Shell convenience store? Since Freshii was founded in 2005, the company has opened hundreds of restaurants in cities and countries around the world.

About Shell Canada Limited:

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About Freshii

Eat. Energize. That’s the Freshii mantra. Freshii is a health and wellness brand on a mission to help citizens of the world live better by making healthy eating convenient and affordable. With a diverse and completely customizable menu of breakfast, soups, salads, wraps, bowls, burritos, frozen yogurt, juices, and smoothies served in an eco-friendly environment, Freshii caters to every taste and dietary preference.

Since it was founded in 2005, Freshii has opened 370 restaurants in over 15 countries around the world. Now, guests can energize with Freshii’s menu anywhere from cosmopolitan cities and fitness clubs to sports arenas and airplanes. 

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