Lorraine Mitchelmore, President & Country Chair, Shell Canada, from the tiny Green Island Cove, Newfoundland, where she dreamed about working in the energy industry, Lorraine Mitchelmore’s career has taken her around the world. She has seen and just about done it all, as her corporate travels took her from Alberta to Australia, the North Sea, Africa and Middle East during the 1980s and ’90s. Shown here in her offices Sept. 4, 2012 Peter Bregg Photo ©
Lorraine Mitchelmore, Shell Canada President and Country Chair

An aging population, globalization and interdependence requires an innovative and modern public service. This means an organization that can vigilantly identify and creatively respond to the complex issues that will shape our world. It means considering new approaches, adopting new tools and developing new skills. And it demands a public service that understands emerging public administration and policy trends.

The Annual Gordon F. Osbaldeston Lecture aims to encourage this understanding through dialogue about and within the public service. Every year, a prominent and accomplished Canadian from business, academia or government speaks to the challenges facing the public service and how it might best respond. This annual event honours Gordon Osbaldeston's distinguished 35-year career as a public servant, which included three years as Clerk of the Privy Council (1982-1985). The lecture raises awareness about the challenges, issues and opportunities facing Canada's public service.

Lorraine Mitchelmore, President and Country Chair, Shell Canada presents her thoughts on the challenges and opportunities with Canada leading on the economy and the environment in a presentation held in Ottawa on November 27, 2014

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