Customer FAQ

How do I pay with a Shell Gift Card?

To pay with a Shell Gift Card, see the Shell Sales Associate In-store, the Shell Gift Card is swiped and the amount of the purchase is deducted from the Shell Gift Card balance. This card is currently not available for payment at the pump.

How do I activate a Shell Gift Card?

When you purchase Shell Gift Cards at Shell, the Shell Sales Associate activates them immediately and you can use them right away or at a later time.

What products can I purchase with a Shell Gift Card?

You can purchase any of the items you usually would at Shell with a Shell Gift Card, including gas, car washes and convenience store items.

Can I earn AIR MILES Reward Miles when paying with a Shell Gift Card?

Yes, you can earn AIR MILES Reward Miles when you make an eligible purchase using the Shell Gift Card as a method of payment. You must swipe you AIR MILES card at the time of transaction. Please note there is no base AIR MILES Reward Miles awarded when you purchase a Shell Gift Card.

Do Shell Gift Cards contain any of my personal information?

Shell Gift Cards do not contain any credit card or personal information. If they get lost or stolen, no one can access a credit card number.

Can a lost or stolen Shell Gift Card be replaced?

Please treat your card like Cash, see cardholder agreement for details.

How do I check the balance of my Shell Gift Card?

Your Shell Gift Card balance appears on your Shell receipt each time you use it to make a purchase.

You can also visit or call 1-800-989-8099 for balance inquiries.

Do Shell Gift Cards expire?

No. Please refer to Terms and Conditions with card for further information.

Can I reload my Shell Gift Card?

No. Once the balance has been used up, the Shell Gift Card cannot be reloaded. You will need to purchase a new Shell Gift Card.

Can I receive cash back for the amount of the Shell Gift Card?

No. Shell Gift Cards can be used to purchase goods but they may not be redeemed for cash. Except in Quebec.

Do I have to spend the exact amount of my Shell Gift Card?

No. If your purchase amount is less than the value of the Shell Gift Card, you can apply the balance to your next purchase. If your purchase amount is greater than the gift card balance, you will need to use an additional payment method with your gift card.

If I have multiple Shell Gift Cards, can the balance on all cards be transferred to one card?


What are the payment methods to purchase Shell Gift Cards?

When purchasing Shell Gift Cards at Shell retail locations you can use any of the accepted methods of payment at the location.

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