How to Apply


NEW: Application Deadline for 2019 is October 15

Please submit your application on or before October 15, 2019 to be eligible for funding.

Once you submit an application:

  1. After the application is received it will be reviewed within the month submitted.
  2. In situations where more clarity is needed about your volunteer role, you may be asked for more information.
  3. If the grant is approved payment will be made by a direct deposit to the organization or association’s bank account.
  4. The organization or association will be notified by email once the funds are deposited into the account.
  5. This process may take upwards of 4-6 weeks.

Grant Guidelines:

  1. Your volunteer time (20 hours minimum) in the previous 12 months must be completed before submitting an application.
  2. Applicants may apply on behalf of two separate organizations or associations each calendar year.
  3. Please complete the entire application. Incomplete applications will be returned to applicant.
  4. Contributions to any one organization or association will be capped at $20,000 in a single year.
  5. Volunteer hours are calculated on a 12- month basis and not calendar year.

How To Apply:

Step 1: Review the eligibility section

Step 2: Gather the following information:

  • Legal name and address of organization or association you volunteer with
  • Organization or association contact name and email that can verify your volunteer hours and provide banking information.
  • Calculated volunteer hours

Step 3Apply Online

Applicants will need a Shell business or personal email address to apply online.

Shell employees must use their Shell email address. Only Shell retirees can use their personal email address.


Eligible Applicants:

  • Shell employees
  • Shell retirees
  • Shell retailer/agents 
  • Maternity Leave/Long Term Disability Employees
  • Expatriates (must currently work in Canada when applying)

The employee/retiree must have an active volunteer role with the organization or association. Volunteering is giving time, effort and talent to a registered not for profit organization or association.

Volunteer examples are:

  • Coaching minor sports teams 
  • Leading a scout troop
  • Serving/delivering meals 
  • Caring for animals at a shelter
  • Teaching art classes
  • Volunteering in official capacities (i.e. board member) with a not for profit organization or association

Granting Levels:

  • $500 - if you volunteer between 20 and 39 hours to a single not for profit organization or association.
  • $1,000 - if you volunteer 40 or more hours to a single not for profit organization or association.

    Applicants must give personal time to a not for profit organization or association on a regular volunteer basis. A minimum of 20 volunteer hours is required within a 12 month period prior to applying.

Eligible Organizations 

To be eligible for a grant, an organization must be:

  • Canadian not-for-profit organization or association
  • A charitable or not-for-profit organization registered with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and have a valid business registration number
  • A not-for-profit organization not registered with CRA (e.g. amateur athletic organization (for youth only), community not-for-profit organization, etc.)
  • A public elementary or high school (K to 12) parent volunteer association

What will the CSF not support?

  • Adult sports teams or other leisure pursuits
    • *See application form for updated guidelines for Youth Sports Teams*
  • Activities considered as part of your role as a parent (e.g. carpooling, managing team jerseys) unless it is an official volunteer position
  • Volunteering as a Shell representative (e.g. Shell sponsors an event and employees are asked to participate)
  • Religious causes that do not serve the general public on a non-denominational basis
  • Political parties or lobby groups
  • Teams exclusive to Shell people
  • Private clubs or professional organizations funded through membership fees
  • Sponsorship of an individual or individual pursuits
  • Projects where benefits occur outside Canada
  • For profit organizations
  • Operating expenses (e.g. ice time, rentals, salaries, maintenance, etc.)


Q: Can I apply for a Community Service Fund grant more than once?

A: Yes, applicants may apply to a maximum of two grants per calendar year (must be to two different organizations).


Q: If I volunteer with more than one not-for-profit organization or association, can I combine my hours with each to add up to the minimum of 20 volunteer hours?

A: No. The minimum of 20 volunteer hours must be volunteered with one not-for-profit organization or association.


Q: I coach my daughter's softball team. Can I apply for funding towards new uniforms and equipment?

A: Yes, funding for uniforms and equipment is acceptable as long as it remains with the team.


Q: My spouse is not a Shell employee/retiree but volunteers with the same not-for-profit organization or association as I do. As a Shell employee/retiree, may I submit an application on his/her behalf?

A: No, because he/she is not a Shell employee/retiree. The person applying must be a Shell person. If your spouse is a Shell employee/retiree then he/she would have to apply on their own.


Q: I volunteer with World Vision Canada. Am I eligible to receive funds from the CSF fund?

A: If the funds are used towards projects whose benefits occurs within Canada then yes, you are eligible to receive funds from CSF. If the funds are used to benefit abroad then you would not be eligible for a grant. Please see the "Eligibility" section under the second CSF tab.


Q: I am participating in a one-day or weekend charity event, would I be eligible for a grant?

A: If you are taking part in a walk, bike ride or other activities in aid of a charitable cause (Ride to Conquer Cancer, MS Walk, CIBC Run for the Cure) you would not be eligible for a CSF grant. This includes personal pursuits for the event (training, collecting pledges, etc.)

If you are involved in planning and organizing the fundraising event e.g. a volunteer coordinator, event logistics, member of the organization committee, etc., then you would be eligible for a CSF grant.


Q: The group I volunteer for does not have a charitable registration number or is not registered; can I still submit an application on their behalf?

A: Yes, organizations are not required to have a charitable registration number. However, they must be a registered not-for-profit organization. In the case that your organization is not registered, such as little league teams, funding must be channeled through a local community association which is registered as a not-for-profit organization.


Q: I am a member of a hockey team or club. Am I eligible to apply? 

A: Being a member is not, in and of itself, volunteering and you are not eligible for a grant. However, if you become involved as a volunteer with the team/club such as a chair on a charitable committee or give time to a charitable project, you would be eligible to apply.


Q: Can I submit a grant for a sports group or association that has already received funding through CSF?

A: The limit is $20,000 per calendar year per sports organization or association. The organization or association will receive the amount remaining after taking into account the amount it has already received that year.


Q: Do I have to submit proof of hours I have spent volunteering with the not-for-profit organization or association?

A: No, the CSF program is based on honor. However, the not-for-profit organization or association is contacted to confirm the applicant has volunteered the minimum required hours.

Because grant money is involved, Shell reserves the right to perform audits of the information provided. Any misleading statement could result in disciplinary measures and the charity could be excluded from further grants from CSF.


Q: I volunteer for two organizations within the same association or league. Can I apply for a grant for each organization?

A: CSF applicants may apply on behalf of two organizations in a calendar year as long as the organizations have no connections to each other (e.g. CSF will only fund one team within a hockey association or league regardless of whether the applicant volunteers for more than one).


Q: Can CSF funds go towards ice time costs?

A: No, we do not cover operating costs and ice time is considered an operating cost.


Q: Shell is sponsoring an event or activity where employees are asked to participate. Could I apply for a CSF grant?

A: No, volunteer activities tied to a Shell sponsored event are not eligible for a CSF grant. This may represent a conflict of interest for the applicant.


Q: I want to organize a recognition party/event for the team/organization. Can CSF be used to fund?

A: No. This is a one-time expense and would not fall within CSF funding criteria. However, if the event is a community event and supports the community as a whole then CSF funds can be used towards costs of the event. These requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


Q: Do I have to apply online?

A: Yes, applications must be submitted through our online application system at Requests submitted by any other means will not be considered.

Applying online will streamline the application process, ensure all necessary information is made available and conserve paper. If you experience technical difficulties please email For more information please email

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