NEW: Application Deadline is October 15 of the current year

Please submit your application on or before October 15 annually to be eligible for funding.

Thinking of applying? Below are a few items you need to be aware of:

  1. After the application is received it will be reviewed within the month submitted.
  2. In situations where more clarity is needed about your volunteer role, you may be asked for more information.
  3. Within the new Spark platform, registered charities or nonprofits are referred to as a “cause”.
  4. Causes available in the Spark platform must be a registered non-profit or charitable organization in Canada or their respective province. This will include individual sports teams applying for funding. Payments will be made to the Organization/Association and it will be their responsibility to provide these funds to the respective teams.
  5. There are plenty of ways for you to support worthwhile causes in the community with your time and talents. Taking part in a volunteer opportunity is a simple, fun way to give back and make a difference. There are now several ways for you to find Volunteer Opportunities to take part in. You can also create your own volunteer opportunities for people to support.
  6. You can share all the amazing work you are doing on Social Media direct from the Spark platform. Please help us share all of kindness happening in the community by posting to Social Media using #FuellingKindness on our @SHELL_CANADA twitter page.


  1. Spark will offer payment disbursement through Benevity which will be bundled payments sent to organizations on a monthly basis.
  2. Payments to charities begin the 21st of the month following your grants processed date.
  3. Funds should be disbursed to charities by the end of that month.
    a. For example:
    i. You apply on September 8
    ii. The application is processed on September 15
    iii. All grants processed will be sent between October 21 and October 31
  4. While this will increase the payment timelines to the organizations, it will remove the administrative burden with Shell’s accounting processes and handling the account information for the organizations.
  5. You will receive an email when payment is disbursed to the organization.

Grant Guidelines:

  1. Your volunteer time (20 hours minimum) in the previous 12 months must be completed before applying.
  2. Applicants may apply on behalf of two separate organizations or associations each calendar year.
  3. Contributions to any one organization or association will be capped at $20,000 in a single year.
  4. Volunteer hours are calculated on a 12- month basis and not calendar year.

How To Apply:

Step 1: Review the eligibility section

Step 2: Please use Chrome to access the program, if you try to access with Internet Explorer you may encounter issues. For employees please use Single Sign On to access the program. For retirees, retailers/agents please sign in using your personal email address as the username and hit the “forgot password button” to generate your password, this option will only work if you have previously accessed the program. If you are new to the program or if you have any access issues please contact v.jocko@shell.com

Step 3: After you sign in, click the track time button on your dashboard:

Step 4: Enter the name of the organization (referred to in Spark as a ‘cause’) you are applying on behalf of, please remember if it is a sports related request the payment will need to go to the Association/Organization and not directly to the team. Then click search. If the cause is not found you will be advised of this and see an option to nominate the organization as a cause, which will then be vetted by the provider and setup for payment. Please click to complete the process. Please do not select a cause name that closely matches what you are looking for, if the exact cause cannot be found, they must be nominated for setup. After this is done it will be set for future requests. You will not be able to submit your time for the cause until they are setup in the system and you will receive an email when this is complete and you can apply. If the cause is responsive to the requests from the provider they can be setup in 48 hours. If the cause is setup already you will find it when you search and you can continue with your application

Step 5: When your request is approved you will receive an email stating such along with text that says “no rewards selected” please disregard this and note the payment will be sent to the cause with the next payment run per the hour threshold listed in your application. After you enter your hours and your request is approved there is no further action from you.

Step 6: When the payment is sent to the organization you will receive an email advising of this as well as the cause