Shell’s Commitment to Indigenous Peoples in Canada

Shell Canada will build meaningful relationships with Indigenous Peoples and communities based on honesty, integrity, and respect. Shell will positively contribute to reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples and communities in Canada by recognizing Aboriginal and treaty rights, the diversity of Indigenous cultures across the country, and by jointly seeking opportunities to work together for mutual benefit.

Shell Canada acknowledges that:

  • Indigenous Peoples in Canada have constitutionally recognized and protected Aboriginal and treaty rights
  • Indigenous Peoples and communities in Canada have a unique connection to the land and water and a strong desire to retain their culture and traditions
  • Investing in human capacity is needed to ensure Indigenous Peoples participation as qualified, contributing members to Shell Canada’s success
  • Shell must be responsive to feedback from Indigenous communities where our activities impact the ability to exercise constitutionally-protected Aboriginal and treaty rights, their way of life, their traditions, and cultures
  • Indigenous communities must have the opportunity to benefit from Shell Canada’s industrial development, including employment and investing in human capacity-building opportunities

In all of our business activities in Canada, Shell will:

  • Establish and maintain respectful and meaningful relationships with Indigenous Peoples and communities
  • Respect and value the unique cultures and traditions of the Indigenous Peoples in Canada
  • Strive to increase understanding of Indigenous cultures and traditions by delivering awareness programs to Shell personnel and participating in Indigenous celebrations
  • Work in collaboration with Indigenous Peoples and communities in Canada to provide sustainable employment, business and educational opportunities from exploration, through operations and into closure
  • Continue and seek ways to improve Shell Canada Human Resources (HR) strategies and resources specific to the attraction and hiring, retention and inclusion of Indigenous people within the Shell workforce
  • Seek to understand Indigenous perspectives through engagement and dialogue with impacted Indigenous communities, and take measures to mitigate the impact of Shell’s activities on those communities

We will demonstrate this commitment through our business activities and implementation of the Shell Canada Indigenous Peoples Strategy.

Shell Canada Country Chair

Download a printable version of Shell’s Commitment

Our plan will deliver on Shell’s commitment in the area of 4 core elements of our strategy

Shell Canada Commitment to Aboriginal Infographic

Community Engagement

The goal is to demonstrate our commitment to Indigenous Peoples and communities by engaging and consulting meaningfully in a respectful and inclusive manner; and, to provide progressive benefits by developing and fostering trust, credibility and to meet the intent of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. The actions focus on: Engagement & Consultation, Advocacy and Emerging Issues, Indigenous Agreements and Actions for Reconciliation.

Business Development

The goal is to provide sustainable local economic benefits to impacted Indigenous communities through healthy, market-competitive direct and indirect commercial relationships. The actions focus on: Local Contracting, Local Enterprise Development and Local Workforce Development.

Community Investment

The goal is to establish mutually beneficial relationships between Shell and Indigenous Peoples and communities. Shell’s community investment will contribute to long-term improvements in the quality of life and help create an environment conducive to sustainability. Shell will engage in community investment efforts across Canada as a way to promote sustainable development, build local capability and foster healthy communities. The actions focus on: Education, Community Development and Health, Safety and Environment.


The goal is to invest in the Indigenous Peoples future employable workforce, hire employment-ready Indigenous people, and create an inclusive and supportive work environment to retain and promote the Indigenous people Shell employs within their workforce. The actions focus on: Attraction & Recruitment, Inclusion/Retention/Development/Advancement, Aboriginal Employee Network, and a Future Employable Workforce.

more in communities


Shell is proud to be a long-time supporter of Indspire. For over thirty years we have been investing in post-secondary scholarships and programming. “Photo provided courtesy of Indspire”

The Banff Centre

Shell is proud to support Banff Centre’s Indigenous Leadership and Management Programs for Indigenous leaders.

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