Helmut Adams, Owner of Adams Transporte
Helmut Adams, Owner of Adams Transporte

After using Shell FuelSave Diesel* for over 10 months, the haulage company Adams Transporte in Niederzissen, Germany, confirms the efficiency benefits of Shell FuelSave Diesel*: “With Shell FuelSave Diesel* we were able to achieve a clear reduction in fuel consumption compared to the regular diesel we used previously from another company”, says owner Helmut Adams.

Over a period of more than 10 months in which the Over a period of more than 10 months in which the FuelSave Diesel* under the same conditions, and without informing the drivers about the switch, Helmut Adams was able to record an average fuel saving of 5.12%. 

Adams’ experience with Shell FuelSave Diesel* also demonstrates an improved efficiency in day-to-day vehicle operations:

  • Reduction in fuel consumption by more than 5%
  • Faster filling due to less foaming
  • Lower CO2 emissions
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Extrapolated across Adams’ entire fleet this means:
  • An annual fuel saving of 34,067 litres1
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions by 89,936kg corresponding to the CO2 emissions from over 34 passenger cars a year2

*Refers to Shell Diesel with fuel economy formula. Brand name may vary per country. Known as New Shell Diesel, Shell Diesel Extra and New Shell Diesoline Ultra in other markels.

1 Based on the average annual kilometres covered by Adams Transporte.

2 According to the study “Shell Passenger Car Scenarios”, Shell Germany, 2009, 1litre of diesel combusts to approx. 2.63kg CO2 and average fuel consumption of a passenger car is approx. 7.8lt/100km.

Interview with Helmut Adams, owner of haulage company.

Helmut Adams is involved on an honorary basis in the race management centre of the Nürburgring racetrack, where he got to know Shell Branded Reseller Jörg Bertgen at a Truck Grand Prix. Jörg Bertgen told him about the possibility of reducing fuel consumption by up to 3% on average with Shell FuelSave Diesel – a value even exceeded by Adams Transporte in practice.

What results have you been able to gather so far?

The practical benefits convinced us. We were able to record an average fuel saving of 5.12%. On top of that we noticed a clear time saving when filling up and also an improved starting in cold conditions.

How satisfied are you with the Shell FuelSave Diesel?

We’re very satisfied and are expecting further savings through lower maintenance costs. I’m more than happy to pay one cent more for a litre of Shell FuelSave Diesel when the bottom line is that I save on average more than one Euro per 100 kilometres.

What were the decisive arguments for you to test Shell FuelSave Diesel?

When you cover on average 10,000km per month per truck (corresponding to a fleet total of over 2 million kilometres per year), lower fuel consumption can translate into a considerable cost saving. That made me curious and led me to try out the Shell FuelSave Diesel.

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