PIT is the Road Transport branch of FPInnovations Group

Who is PIT and what do they do?

PIT is the Road Transport branch of FPInnovations Group. They are located in Quebec and their mandate is to “help fleet managers reduce their costs and their environmental impact by banking on the implementation of the best solutions.” They are a not-for-profit organization and very well regarded in the industry. They don’t sell any products, which makes them a truly unbiased third party and their testing methods are scientific and reliable. They have over 40 members, a mix of fleets and municipalities. Many of these fleets operate across Canada and the U.S.

What kind of testing did you do for Shell Diesel Extra?

Cascades, one of PIT’s members, offered to test Shell Diesel Extra. They provided four trucks and two of those trucks ran on regular Shell diesel while the other two were filled with Shell Diesel Extra. A baseline test was performed in early June 2013 at the Transport Canada track in Blainville. The four trucks ran their regular routes all summer, and we finished with a final test on September 11, 2013. PIT kept all variables to a minimum, everything was set to minimize the “data noise”.

What results did PIT see with Shell Diesel Extra?

PIT was very impressed with the results! They measured a 2.4% fuel economy benefit for the trucks running on Shell Diesel Extra, compared to those running on regular fuel. The results of the PIT testing were consistent with the results of tests previously conducted by Shell.

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