J-M Pelletier Transport Inc.

Jean-Marc Pelletier, based in Grand Falls, New Brunswick, is a fuel carrier with over 20 years of industry experience. After being employed as a fuel carrier for eight years, he started his own fuel transport company in 2012.

In his 2012 Freightliner Coronado (which has seen approximately 650,000 km), Jean-Marc drives a route to Quebec to meet the fuel needs of customers. He is someone who is always open to ideas on fuel efficiency improvement, so when Michaud Petroleum, a Shell Branded Distributor in New Brunswick, suggested a more advanced fuel might help, Jean-Marc wanted to know more.

The distributor explained the fuel saving benefits of Shell Diesel Extra and Jean-Marc decided he wanted to give it a try.

The Claim:

The distributor explained to Jean-Marc that he could potentially save fuel by up to three per cent* by purchasing Shell Diesel Extra. This is due to the fact that Shell Diesel Extra contains a detergent that helps to prevent the buildup of injector deposits which adversely affect the spray pattern and combustion process.

The Results:

Jean-Marc has been using Shell Diesel Extra exclusively since July 2014 and carefully observed his mileage and fuel demand.

I compared the fuel consumption in my truck between this summer and last and I’m impressed with the results! My truck also seems to pull a little better, although the fuel savings alone** have convinced me that Shell Diesel Extra is a worthwhile investment


After observing the benefits of Shell Diesel Extra, Jean-Marc recommended the fuel to a fellow driver who, like Jean-Marc, is now also experiencing a fuel saving benefit from switching to Shell Diesel Extra.

 *Over the lifetime of the vehicle. Compared to regular diesel without a fuel economy formula. Savings may vary per truck/vehicle, driving conditions and driving style.

** Shell Diesel Extra helped Jean-Marc to improve by 4% comparing Q3 2014 and Q3 2013

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Bathurst Ready Mix

Leonardo and Rocky Morra are brothers and business partners. They have over 40 years experience in the concrete ready-mix industry and take pride in currently being one of the largest mobile mixer concrete supplier in the Greater Toronto area.

Bathurst Ready Mix aims to reduce the environmental impact of its operations and its concrete mixing facilities are RMCAO (Ready Mixed Concrete Association of Ontario) ecocertified.

The company has adopted a pro-active approach with its truck fleet as well – they are mobile concrete mixers, preparing on site the quantity customers need and thus optimizing concrete output.

Bathurst Ready Mix has a fleet of Mack trucks which use a system to regenerate the diesel particulate filter (DPF).

“We are an eco-certified concrete facility and aim to run our operations with reduced environmental impact. Lessfrequent regeneration means less fuel is burned and in turn, less exhaust gases are emitted. Shell Diesel Extra definitely contributes to our company’s environmental values.” Rocky Morra, Owner

“As a trusted concrete supplier to our customers, we have to work with high quality and efficient input products ourselves. I am pleased that Shell Diesel Extra is such a product!” -Leonardo Morra, Owner

“Since switching to Shell Diesel Extra in 2012, our operators have noticed that the trucks do not have to regenerate as often compared to the regular diesel we used before, which means less downtime overall. While they are regenerating, they are also running cooler. Our truck repairs have also shrunk considerably - in 2011, our total fleet maintenance costs were $180,000 and they dropped to $119,000 for the whole of 2012, even though our fleet size increased. I am convinced that Shell Diesel Extra played a role in that.”

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Buckel Farm

Greater mileage on each tank of fuel, steady engine performance under various conditions and cleaner iniection systems are the benefits that the Buckel farm is experiencing thanks to Shell FuelSave Diesel*.

At the start of 2009, farmer Rainer Buckel switched the four commercial farming vehicles at his farm in the German town of Oberammersdorf from industry standard diesel fuel to Shell FuelSave Diesel*. The vehicles included a standard tractor, a Unimog for cultivation and transport work and an MB-trac for heavy-duty traction work.

Evaluation of the fuel consumption data for these various vehicles has revealed that all of them can be used for between one and four hours longer on each tank of fuel when they run on Shell FuelSave Diesel*. Given the frequently changing loads and conditions under which the vehicles are operated, this demonstrates  the efficiency of Shell FuelSave Diesel* when used regularly in commercial farming vehicles:

On average, an additional 2.5 hours of operation per tank of fuel, therefore extending refuelling intervals

Considerable reduction in fuel consumption

Steady engine performance under various conditions

Shell FuelSave Diesel* has also been designed to help:

Keep injection systems clean, which helps to reduce maintenance costs

Protect the engine from corrosion

Spread across the entire fleet, this could result in:

An annual fuel saving of approx. 1,514 litres1

A reduction in C02 emissions of approx. 3,982 kg - this is roughly equivalent to the amount of C02 emissions produced annually by one passenger car2

*Refers to Shell Diesel with fuel economy formula. Brand name may vary per country. Known as New Shell Diesel, Shell Diesel Extra and New Shell Diesoline Ultra in other markels.

1 Based on the average distance travelled in a year by the 4 vehicle agricultural fleet at the Buckel farm.

2 Assumes 1 litre of diesel burns to produce approx. 2.63 kg of CO2. See the "Shell Car Scenarios up to 2030" study.

Interview with Rainer Buckel,owner of a family farm in the German town of Oberammersdorf.

How did you become aware of Shell FuelSave Diesel?

Shell's Branded Reseller, Geiger GmbH from Ansbach, first recommended that we try Shell FuelSave Diesel at the start of 2009. As we have enjoyed a very close relationship of trust with Geiger for many years, we were, of course, willing to try out the product. And very quickly we noticed that all of the machines on our farm can run for much longer on this fuel, operating, on average, for 2.5 hours longer on each tank of fuel.

Have you noticed any other positive effects since you have been using Shell FuelSave Diesel as fuel?

In addition to the fuel saving, the benefits are primarily the steady engine performance in various weather and soil conditions and longer maintenance intervals. And this is crucial for the reliability of our machines.Since we have been using Shell FuelSave Diesel,  all of our machines have been operating for much longer on each tank of fuel - and all with a first engine. To this extent, this is a clear boost in efficiency.

Is fuel efficiency an important topic in farming as well then?

Of course. Although with 70 dairy cows we tend to focus on litres of milk rather than fuel, ultimately more operating hours per tank of fuel mean a tangible saving in terms of money. With our standard tractor, which operates for around 1,000 hours a year, the fuel saving delivered by Shell FuelSave Diesel accounts for 40 to 80 hours that we are able to operate for longer each year. This does pay a dividend.

Your final verdict on Shell FuelSave Diesel?

We are very satisfied. In particular, we are convinced by the very good value for money that Shell FuelSave Diesel offers. And the fact that, as well as fuel, we can also save C02 emmissions is, of course, all the better.

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Adams Transport

High marks in practical application for Shell FuelSave Diesel* with fuel economy formula.

After using Shell FuelSave Diesel* for over 10 months, the haulage company Adams Transporte in Niederzissen, Germany, confirms the efficiency benefits of Shell FuelSave Diesel*: “With Shell FuelSave Diesel* we were able to achieve a clear reduction in fuel consumption compared to the regular diesel we used previously from another company”, says owner Helmut Adams.

Over a period of more than 10 months in which the Over a period of more than 10 months in which the FuelSave Diesel* under the same conditions, and without informing the drivers about the switch, Helmut Adams was able to record an average fuel saving of 5.12%. 

Adams’ experience with Shell FuelSave Diesel* also demonstrates an improved efficiency in day-to-day vehicle operations:

Reduction in fuel consumption by more than 5%

Faster filling due to less foaming

Lower CO2 emissions

Reduced maintenance costs

Extrapolated across Adams’ entire fleet this means:

An annual fuel saving of 34,067 litres1

Reduction in CO2 emissions by 89,936kg corresponding to the CO2 emissions from over 34 passenger cars a year2

*Refers to Shell Diesel with fuel economy formula. Brand name may vary per country. Known as New Shell Diesel, Shell Diesel Extra and New Shell Diesoline Ultra in other markels.

1 Based on the average annual kilometres covered by Adams Transporte.

2 According to the study “Shell Passenger Car Scenarios”, Shell Germany, 2009, 1litre of diesel combusts to approx. 2.63kg CO2 and average fuel consumption of a passenger car is approx. 7.8lt/100km.

Interview with Helmut Adams, owner of haulage company.

Helmut Adams is involved on an honorary basis in the race management centre of the Nürburgring racetrack, where he got to know Shell Branded Reseller Jörg Bertgen at a Truck Grand Prix. Jörg Bertgen told him about the possibility of reducing fuel consumption by up to 3% on average with Shell FuelSave Diesel – a value even exceeded by Adams Transporte in practice.

What results have you been able to gather so far?

The practical benefits convinced us. We were able to record an average fuel saving of 5.12%. On top of that we noticed a clear time saving when filling up and also an improved starting in cold conditions.

How satisfied are you with the Shell FuelSave Diesel?

We’re very satisfied and are expecting further savings through lower maintenance costs. I’m more than happy to pay one cent more for a litre of Shell FuelSave Diesel when the bottom line is that I save on average more than one Euro per 100 kilometres.

What were the decisive arguments for you to test Shell FuelSave Diesel?

When you cover on average 10,000km per month per truck (corresponding to a fleet total of over 2 million kilometres per year), lower fuel consumption can translate into a considerable cost saving. That made me curious and led me to try out the Shell FuelSave Diesel.

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Fleming Feed Mill

Fleming Feed Mill Ltd. is a family owned and operated business in Clinton, Ontario. They receive grains such as wheat, soybeans and corn to make chicken and horse feed and distribute the feed to the southwestern Ontario region.They operate a fleet of twelve trucks:

Half the trucks are equipped with newer Detroit Diesel and Cummins engines and use EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) systems in line with latest environmental and emissions regulations. The purpose of EGR is to decrease NOx emissions by re-circulating a portion of the exhaust through a valve and running it through the combustion process again.

The other half are older models with no EGR system.

Fleming Feed Mill Ltd. was having ongoing EGR valve issues with some of the newer models. When the EGR valve starts to plug, the check engine light comes on and the truck visibly emits more black smoke. The truck then needs to be serviced. Often, the EGR valve needs to be replaced and this repair takes approximately 4 to 5 hours, which is a significant downtime.

In April 2012, having heard from their Shell Distributor, Edward Fuels, about the potential benefits of Shell Diesel Extra, they made the decision to switch their entire fleet over to the premium diesel. Sam Henderson and Mike Wilson, the mechanics for the company, are the ones that noticed the changes first.

"There is one vehicle in particular, a 2009 model, that used to emit black smoke when running on regular diesel, and after about six to eight months of using Shell Diesel Extra, the black smoke emissions were visibly reduced ” says Sam Henderson.

"Basically, the exhaust is cleaner so the EGR valve is not dirtying up that fast and we have noticeably less EGR problems.” he adds. “We have also been getting better cold starts and there is no unbearable black smokewhen we start the trucks in the shop area. Even our pre-EGR models are doing better.

"We see a visible reduction in black smoke in our trucks - a physical difference in how Shell Diesel Extra is helping!” summarizes Mike Wilson.

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Who is PIT and what do they do?

PIT is the Road Transport branch of FPInnovations Group. They are located in Quebec and their mandate is to “help fleet managers reduce their costs and their environmental impact by banking on the implementation of the best solutions.” They are a not-for-profit organization and very well regarded in the industry. They don’t sell any products, which makes them a truly unbiased third party and their testing methods are scientific and reliable. They have over 40 members, a mix of fleets and municipalities. Many of these fleets operate across Canada and the U.S.

What kind of testing did you do for Shell Diesel Extra?

Cascades, one of PIT’s members, offered to test Shell Diesel Extra. They provided four trucks and two of those trucks ran on regular Shell diesel while the other two were filled with Shell Diesel Extra. A baseline test was performed in early June 2013 at the Transport Canada track in Blainville. The four trucks ran their regular routes all summer, and we finished with a final test on September 11, 2013. PIT kept all variables to a minimum, everything was set to minimize the “data noise”.

What results did PIT see with Shell Diesel Extra?

PIT was very impressed with the results! They measured a 2.4% fuel economy benefit for the trucks running on Shell Diesel Extra, compared to those running on regular fuel. The results of the PIT testing were consistent with the results of tests previously conducted by Shell.

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