Make the most of your CV

Your CV is a key component of any application process. It is the platform to represent yourself and demonstrate your achievements. Here are a few handy tips to help you showcase yourself in the best possible way:

  • Ensure that your CV is updated
  • Try to restrict it to a maximum of two pages, and keep the layout simple
  • Use headings like 'Education', 'Career History', Extra-curricular Activities, etc. to highlight different sections
  • Don’t just make general statements about yourself – support them with evidence. For example, explain what you have done/ accomplished to illustrate the qualities you have
  • Try to link your skills, strengths, and experience to the requirements of the role you’re applying for
  • If you want to fill the application form faster, maintain an updated LinkledIn profile and use the tool in the form to import your online profile

Personal details: Your full name, address, email address and phone number are the most important. You should ensure thatthe full name you provide in the application form is the same as that written in your other official documents.

Educational details: List these in reverse-chronological order, with your most recent education first and the qualifications you obtained or will obtain when you graduate. Include the name of the institutions and the dates you were enrolled and graduate/ will graduate. You may want to list the relevant modules, the projects and dissertations you have delivered, the grades you have achieved, and professional skills you have developed.

Career history and professional experience: Whether they’re paid, voluntary or shadowing, all experiences count! Present these in reverse chronological order with dates to show how long you remained in a particular role. Mention the scope of your work, what you achieved, and the skills you developed.

Achievements and interests: If you have been involved in extra-curricular activities, co-curricular activities or community service, it would serve you well to include this information to showcase that you have a well-rounded profile, with a balanced approach to life. Focus on recent examples, describing your involvement, timelines, achievements, impact/ contributions and learning.

Stage 1

Stage 1 of the assessment has two levels – a. Online game-based assessments, and b. On-Demand Video Interview. If you successfully clear the game-based assessments, then you would receive an invite to take the Stage 1: On-Demand Video Interview. 

Stage 1: On-Demand Video interview

This short, self-recorded video interview is an opportunity for you to tell us about yourself. You will be asked 5 questions in all, and after each question, you will be given time to think and then to respond. From the day of receiving the invite, you will have 10 days to complete this interview. We recommend that you complete this within 5 days.

  • Choose somewhere quiet with a good internet connection
  • Test your webcam and microphone
    Make sure the area is well-lit and you can clearly be seen
  • Preferred browsers are Chrome, Firefox or Safari (latest version).  
    More information on the system and internet speed requirements
  • Reflect on why you’re applying and what your standout experiences are. Be ready to talk about these in an engaging way

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