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Preventing Equipment Failure

Helping Your Teams Protect Equipment and Preserve Asset Integrity

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Machinery is becoming more complex, but it’s hard to keep pace with changing maintenance needs when you’re focused on keeping operations going.

That’s why added support and expertise for your people goes a long way.

We know you are looking for partners who complement your team and help solve problems – like breakdowns, or unscheduled maintenance.

Of course, the one thing that is better than solving problems – is preventing them before they arise. Predictive maintenance, including remote equipment and oil condition monitoring, is essential for protecting equipment and preserving your assets.

We provide a complete toolkit of services, digital tools, training and expertise to help customers feel more in control of operations, prevent downtime and maximise productivity.

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Shell LubeAdvisor

Technical support to help you choose the right products and improve lubrication processes, to ensure your equipment is protected and ready to deliver value to your business.

Shell LubeAnalyst

Oil condition monitoring that enables you to continually track your equipment’s performance and use those insights to inform better maintenance decisions.

Shell LubeExpert

Highly-trained lubricants experts can spend time at your sites, inspecting critical machinery and identifying opportunities to minimise downtime and maximise productivity.

Shell LubeCoach

Upskill your employees through a customised training programme, delivered in-person or through our e-learning portal by Shell technical experts with substantial in-field experience.

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Explore our Lubricants Services

Explore our complete toolkit of services, gain full access to Shell expertise and get online and in-person support.

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Explore our high quality lubricants and expert lubrication services designed to help create sustainable value for businesses.