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Filling the Maintenance Knowledge Gap to Drive Profitability

The challenges faced by our customers across different industry sectors vary widely, from reducing downtime and cutting costs, to extending equipment life and adapting to Industry 4.0 technologies.

However, there is one challenge all sectors are facing: A lack of staff expertise that is contributing to equipment breakdowns. Alongside this is widespread demand for increased access to efficient and ongoing support from trusted experts 1.

The Shell Lubricant Solutions services portfolio aims to meet this demand by providing trusted expertise and practical advice that has helped customers worldwide realise tangible benefits to the bottom line.

Whether you are looking for instant answers to guide maintenance decisions, training to upskill staff on more effective equipment lubrication, or hands-on support from a seasoned expert, we can help.

  • Shell LubeExpert –Brings the specialists to you, for hands-on support tackling your equipment lubrication challenges. With a wealth of industry and lubrication expertise, our experts work closely with your team to inspect, audit and optimise equipment, systems and processes. By identifying issues and solving problems they can help you minimise downtime and optimise productivity, resulting in real-world savings.
  • Shell LubeCoach – Courses and workshops delivered by experienced technical experts who share valuable knowledge on best-practice equipment lubrication techniques. Staff will walk away equipped to realise the full potential of lubrication for your operations, supporting the successful day-to-day operation of your facility.
  • Shell LubeChat – 24/7 access to a vast array of Shell knowledge and expertise via mobile, tablet or desktop, equipping you to make faster, better-informed decisions that can help bring down your total cost of ownership. Live chat provides answers on-demand, for when support can’t wait.

1 Based on a survey of customers across Mining, Fleet, Power, Manufacturing, Construction and Agriculture industries, commissioned by Shell Lubricants and conducted by research firm Edelman Intelligence across 7 countries (USA, China, India, Germany, Russia, Indonesia and the UK) from March to April 2018

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Oil condition monitoring that enables you to continually track your equipment’s performance and use those insights to inform better maintenance decisions.

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Receive answers on demand to your oils and lubes questions.

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