Driving our Electric future together

Title: Welcome to Our Electric Future Together | Global

Duration: 1:20 minutes

Description: Welcome to our electric future together! We are on a mission to enable cleaner transportation and drive a low-carbon future together at home, at work, and on the go.

Shell Recharge Solutions Transcript


The way we use energy is changing. There's a growing demand for cleaner transportation. Today we're supporting our partners in their switch to e-mobility by empowering them to electrify their fleets.

[Drilling sound]

We're working to accelerate the energy transition by providing our technology and services to manufacturers and EV drivers.

[Sound of car driving]

We offer smart charging at scale, enabling access to growing charging networks across 38 countries and two continents.

[‘Beep’ sound]

Our charging infrastructure and expertise ensures a seamless charging experience for drivers, customers and visitors to support the increasing charging need at work on the go and at home. Welcome to our electric future together.


For those ready to embrace EV, Shell Fleet Solutions offers end-to-end EV support, including consultancy, site assessment, procurement, ongoing maintenance support, software support, and customer care. You can maximize your operational performance, fleet reliability and total cost of ownership to meet the logistical needs of your business while minimizing your fleet’s emissions.

Let’s talk electrification!

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